A Day in Bath (the city, not the room)

One of our first days in England we packed up the car and headed to Bath. It was a little under an hour from where we were staying with friends in Reading and made for such a great day trip. The historic ruins were some of the most memorable from our trip but even just being in the town was a neat experience.

I have a picture overload + a little itinerary/ travel guide at the end if you happen to be heading that way and looking for suggestions!

^The first thing we did (after finding parking) was head to the Roman Baths which ended up being much more of a to-do than I was expecting. With your admission is included an audio guide and access to the full site, which includes a rather long and winding path through the various rooms and museum displays. And here I thought we were just going to walk around the one big green tub. 
^Lincoln just loved getting to walk on floors he could see through 
^The water comes from a natural hot spring and bathing here would be an all afternoon (or all day) process
^After the baths we peeked in the cathedral across the square and then let Lincoln run around with the pigeons 
^our first (and certainly not last) almond croissants of the trip
^a baby boy trying his first croissant (the pastries + the steps he got to climb were his favorite parts of Europe) 
^He’s fascinated with animals until they get too close 
^Bath is also filled with the cutest streets and so many shops and cafes. It would have been fun to spend a whole afternoon shopping and eating 🙂 
^We strolled up to the Royal Crescent for a nice view. If it had been warmer we might have stayed a bit longer to enjoy it. 
^All along the crescent Lincoln just wanted to walk up each individual pathway to each door
^Playing in the field in front of the Royal Crescent
^Lincoln was a little less than pleased to be picked up for a picture 
^the highlight of Lincoln’s day (always) 
^how beautiful is this countryside? (just outside of the city of Bath) 

Things we did:
1. Visit the Roman Baths
2. Check out Bath Abbey
3. Stroll the Royal Crescent
4. Stop in the Jane Austen Centre (it would have been neat to have more time there)

Things I wish we’d done:
1. Thermae Bath Spa (we had Lincoln and it is only for people 16 and up)
2. Enjoy a British afternoon tea
3. Shop as you stroll the streets downtown (we strolled, but it was a bit chilly and we didn’t have as much time as I’d like to explore all the little shops)
4. Take a Bath boat tour

traveling to Bath, England? don't miss these top sights and spots! whether it's Jane Austen's home or the roman baths, there are so many things to do.

Happy Adventuring! 

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  1. Bath is one of the first weekends away that I took with my husband when we were living in London! It's so pretty – and some of the most beautiful driving roads in England are outside the city. I can't wait to do all of those trips again someday with my kiddos 🙂 What great memories to have Linc with you in the photos when you remember them! (PLEASE tell me you had afternoon tea at *some* point when you were in the UK…!!) =)

  2. The first time I went to Europe we had the opportunity to go to Bath and didn't and I TOTALLY REGRET IT!