Pick Your Own Flowers at Parlee Farms

Today I’m sharing all about our experience picking our own flowers at Parlee Farms in Tyngsborough, an easy drive from Boston. 


In true Elisabeth fashion, we found something we loved and we’ve already been back (48 hours after our first trip). How many times can we visit Parlee Farms in one season?

After Westley and I picked apples at Parlee Farms while the kids were in school, I promised Lincoln and Adelaide we would head back altogether. The apple cider doughnuts and feeding the farm animals were a must, but it was easy to talk the kids out of apple picking and into cutting our own flowers instead. 

It is a little bit hard for a 4 and 5 year old to cut the most gorgeous bouquet when the flowers are growing so tall and the best ones seem to be the ones just out of reach. Nonetheless, the kids had a lot of fun and we have the most beautiful centerpiece on the kitchen table right now. 

It costs $2 per person (on a Friday) to enter the flower field and they give you a pair of scissors and a bucket with water. We spent 30-40 minutes picking and cutting and the only way I got the kids out was the promise of picking a pumpkin. The flowers are deep fall hues of purples, reds, and oranges. Lincoln got lost in the rows of flowers once or twice (you can see they’re well over my head in a lot of places). If I wasn’t maneuvering the stroller through the rows and passing by other visitors trying to get their instagram shot, it would have been a fun place to play hide and seek. 

The cider doughnuts weren’t fresh off the stove so we should have tried the apple cider slushie instead (the apple cider is crisp and delicious). But the kids did take their dollars all by themselves up to the farm stand and bought feed for the animals while I watched from 50 feet away.  

We earn our Boston summers and autumns with a long winter and we’re soaking up all we can. 


Here are outfit details and a million more pictures than you wanted: 

Adelaide’s blouse: Shein (sold out but lots of cute similar ones here

Adelaide’s overalls: Oshkosh via Target (12m – 5t and under $20) 

Adelaide’s boots: hand-me-down Hunter Boots (they’ll be Westley’s next!) 

Lincoln’s shirt: Target (this line for boys at Target is my favorite) 

Lincoln’s shorts: Target

Lincoln’s shoes: Pediped (our favorite brand for quality + comfortable kids shoes) 

My sweatshirt: Amazon (love the sleeve length and how this makes me feel put-together when I’m really just wearing a sweatshirt – comes in three colors) 

My jeans: Everlane (a really good price for a quality pair of jeans)

My shoes: Cole Haan (favorite athleisure sneakers for two years and counting – they come in so many colors now, apparently I’m not the only one who loves them) 

Westley’s romper: Rags (the most comfortable, soft, stretchy baby romper but there are no snaps at the bottom) 

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