13 Best Places to buy Clothes for 18″ American Girl Dolls

Today we’re talking all about the best places to buy clothes online for your American Girl Doll (or any 18 inch doll). This post contains affiliate links. 

Where to Buy 18″ Doll Clothes:

Wondering where to buy clothes for your 18″ doll? Trying to find cute outfits for your American Girl Doll? Here are our 13 favorite places online to find really cute clothes for all of your 18 inch dolls.

Some of these are great budget options and some of them are high quality stores that give you a bigger variety than you can find just on the American Girl website.

#1 rec: Little Ladies (has matching sets for girls and dolls!) 

This darling, woman owned brand has limited matching sets for your little girl and her doll. The doll clothes fit 18″ dolls so they’ll work for your American Girl Doll (or Our Generation doll). 

We’ve ordered from here before and my 5 year old is obsessed with matching her doll and I love that the clothes are high quality and beautiful (read: not cheesy).  They come in cute little packaging and would make for a perfect birthday or holiday gift for a girl with an 18″ doll. 

Right now they offer a matching dress set for girls and doll and a matching lounge set. Shop them here.

2. Amazon

You can buy everything on Amazon these days, including clothes and accessories for your American Girl Doll. They have a wide selection with great variety in quality and price. Whether you’re looking for a Disney princess dress or back-to-school outfit, there are lots of options for 18″ doll clothing (many with prime 2 day shipping). 

The great thing about Amazon is you can read lots of reviews. You can also look for the “Amazon Choice” distinguisher which means Amazon recommends this listing based on your search. For example, it recommends this set of 7 outfits for under $25 with over 3000 positive reviews 

Shop Amazon’s options for American Girl Doll Clothes here 

3. Zulilly 

This popular deals site always has a selection of clothes that will fit American Girl Dolls at great prices. With outfits, accessories, and some furniture up to 70% off, this should be one of your first places to browse through clothes for your American Girl Doll. 

4. Ebay

Whether you’re looking for gently used American Girl clothes at a discount, historic discontinued styles, or other off-brand clothes to fit your 18″ doll, Ebay has a ton of options. You can bid on items or shop the site like a regular online retailer using the “buy now” options. 

5. Etsy

Want to support small shops and get hand crafted clothes for your American Girl Doll? Scroll through hundreds of listings of handmade outfits for your doll. Don’t miss the matching section to get outfits for your girl as well. 

6. Emily Rose

Emily Rose carries clothing for dolls of many sizes and has a small section for 18″ dolls. The big winner of this shop? The Anna and Elsa outfit options for your American Girl Doll. 

7. The Doll Boutique:

Primarily a destination in-person shopping experience for everything American Girl Doll, The Doll Boutique offers a selection of clothing and accessories for 18″ dolls on their website. If you’re in Pennsylvania, you can stop by their retail location near the historic town of Lititz. Their website offers a wide selection of clothing, accessories, and furniture for 18″ dolls as well as a small bity baby collection. 

8. Allie Express

This online Chinese fast-fashion retailer has a wide selection of clothes that will fit 18″ in dolls at uninmaginably low prices. The quality is going to reflect the price and shipping times will vary significantly but, if you don’t have a firm deadline and want quantity over quality, start here. 

9. My Brittany’s

Search through selections of 18″ doll clothes that range in price from $8 to $20 per outfit. You’ll find lots of seasonal options (like halloween costumes for dolls) as well as clothing for dolls of other sizes. 

10. My Dolls Life: 

If you’re looking for unique pieces for your American Girl Doll, try this shop. My favorite are the line of Smithsonian outfits and accessories (Paleontologist, Horticulturalist, Astronaut) 

11. Target

Target carries a wide selection of Our Generation dolls, accessories, and clothing that work for all 18″ dolls, including American Girl Dolls. This is a great way to get Our Generation items as part of your regular Target shopping, snag deals when Target is running sales, or use your Red Card to save even more. 

Shop Our Generation Dolls, Clothing, and Accessories at Target here 

12. Doll Clothes Superstore

This online only retailer carries matching outfits for 18″ dolls and little girls. From aprons to dresses and nightgowns, there are plenty of options. The site isn’t super mainstreamed or user friendly, with separate listing for each size of a given style. 

13. Pottery Barn: 

This retail giant has a curated selection of high end clothes and accessories that will fit 18″ dolls. Whether you’re looking for a trendy chic stroller, you can always find a handful of quality options at Pottery Barn. 

Shop Pottery Barn doll clothing and accessories here. 

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