Our Summer Date List

Ben and I just finished our summer date list. We’re off to cross one off in a few minutes, but thought we’d invite you to join in on our summer fun. What are your fun summer date plans? 

  1. Plan a picnic: it can be fancy in a park or casual in the backyard. You can also pick up take-out and eat it on the grass!
  2. Free summer concert: find a list of concerts in your area and make a night out of it!
  3. Go to a festival, a carnival, or something else: there are tons of online resources for events in your area. Take advantage of the culture around you and find a carnival or festival to get some fried dough at. 
  4. Go to a farmers market: and have fun trying the produce and picking up some of your favorites
  5. Cook together: maybe after you’re done at the farmers market you can come home and cook a meal! Have it be something you’ve never tried before, the new experience releases chemicals that cause bonding. 
  6. Late night swim: who knows, you might end up being the only two there 🙂 
  7. Starlit walk: find a neat path, or a scenic stroll around a lake. Take time to stop and look up at the stars. 
  8. In-house camping: if its too sweltering to camp outside, set up tent in your living room!
  9. Go for a hike at sunset: Look up sunset and start a little bit before. Watch the sunset from the top of your peak (and then have fun trying to make it down in the dusk). 
  10. Take dance lessons: spice it up with a little latin dancing or go elegant with some ballroom.  
  11. Go to a drive in: and add a good old fashion make out session. 
  12. Spend all day at an amusement park: the adrenaline actually does great things for your relationship!
  13. Go green: ditch the car for a weekend and only go places on your bikes. Bike out to a park for a picnic, the store for errands, and put some shorts under your skirt to bike to your Sunday service! 
  14. Candlelit game night: create the right ambiance with a little mood lighting for your favorite games
  15. Go bowling: bowling was the go to date in high school, but bring it back by lacing up those shoes and getting your game on. 

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  1. Such fun ideas! We plan on doing some of these ourselves. Oh, and I'm still drooling over your post about the German chocolate brownies. LOVEEE!

  2. great suggestions! I wish I had a boyfriend to share these fun times with. Do you and Ben intend to do all of these date nights this summer?