Is NewChic Legit?

Today I’m talking all about my experience shopping on the fast fashion website, Newchic, originally Yoins. If you’re wondered if Newchic/ Yoins is legit or are looking for Newchic reviews, this post is for you.

My experience shopping on NewChic

I placed my first (and probably last) order from Newchic in the fall. Ever since posting my comprehensive Shein review (last updated here in 2022), I’ve been reviewing other online fashion companies to see how they compare.

At first glance the Newchic website looks just like the Shein website or other fast fashion Chinese sites. There is a very busy homepage with coupons flashing, discount codes, and free shipping. There are popups and requests to turn on notifications.

Digging a bit deeper into their site, they seem to cater to a more specific style (trendy young millenials). There’s are a lot of tight, short, strappy, and cut-out.

The prices range between Forever21 and GAP. Newchic doesn’t have the dirt cheap prices we used to see on Shein (a soft cami for $16.99, for example). Maybe these higher prices mean higher quality items?

I placed an order of 5 items to see.

Newchic Review

What I ordered from Newchic and a quick review of each. I give each a letter grade next to the item name and have included a product image or me in the item of clothing.

Item 1: TRENCH // A

I am obsessed with this light weight trench coat. I’ve worn it dozens of times and it is on constant rotation all year round here in California.

What I love:

  • the weight of this: it is super light, rather oversized, and easy to throw on over ANYTHING
  • the color: it is a really good medium khaki

What I don’t love:

  • it is unlined (which works for the lightweight + the drape of the fabric but it looks cheap inside the jacket
  • loose threads: I had to trim a few loose threads upon arrival

Item 2: Red Vest // C

I was excited to use this to dress up a basic tee shirt and was pretty disappointed. It feels cheap and doesn’t drape well. Don’t buy this one.

Item 3: Tweed Blazer // C

The outside of this one is fine. The blazer is unlined so the sleeves don’t cuff without looking cheap. If you’re trying to get this vibe without spending a ton, it isn’t a horrible choice. Personally, though, I’d order a lined blazer from Shein for the same price (or a little less).

Item 4: Striped Turtleneck Sweater // B+

This is a good basic sweater. I love the stripes. I like the fabric. The fit is gently oversized. I don’t love the look of the thick gold buttons on the neck (the lower quality of a piece tends to show in hardware and this holds true on this sweate).

I did keep and wear this sweater throughout the fall and winter. It looks great with dark skinny jeans and camel leather accents. If I were shopping again I’d probably look for the same thing at GAP or Target without the hardware.

Item 5: Corduroy Flares // C

These are fine. There is a bit of a stretch to the material (which is on the thinner side of medium weight).

Conclusion: Would I shop at Newchic again?

Honestly, probably not. I do love the trench coat but everything else was underwhelming. I can get better quality pieces at better prices by being smart about Shein shopping.

Is Newchic Legit? Frequently Asked Questions

Is Newchic Legit?

Yes, in the sense that Newchic is an actual website that will send you actual clothes. If you love the style of something you find on Newchic and don’t care a lot about super high quality pieces, go for it. I didn’t love most of what I ordered BUT the trench I got has been a workhorse in my closet for the last 6 months.

Who owns Newchic ?

The Newchic website lists the parent company of Newchic as Cyllar Co. Ltd with an address in Nicosia, Cyprus.

How long does Newchic shipping take?

If you are using standard shipping to the United States it takes 12-15 business days. Express shipping is 5-8 business days. Both of these estimates don’t take into account the time for orders to process so add 2-3 days to whichever shipping method you select at the time of your order.

You can always see the expected delivery date in your account on Newchic.com after your order has shipped.

Is Newchic safe?

Newchic is an established online retailer that accepts Paypal and credit card. If you’re looking for an added layer of fraud protection, opt for paying with Paypal instead of giving out your credit card information.

Is Newchic a scam?

Newchic will ship you clothing similar to the images shown on their website. Shipping will take a bit longer than usual and the clothes are hit or miss. Be sure to read reviews before ordering (paying attention to reviews that have images so you can tell they are more likely to be verified customers and not bots leaving positive reviews to boost ratings).

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