Mixing High + Low End Pieces

Hi! We’re home! I’ve been a bit MIA on social media because we’ve spent the last few weeks traveling. I had grand intentions of documenting + sharing our trip with you while it was happening, but it was actually so nice to be so disconnected and really enjoy our time together as a family.  Don’t worry though, as I type the hundreds (thousands?) of images I snapped while we were abroad are being imported and I CAN’T WAIT to go through them.

Today I have a favorite spring look for you from my most frequented online shopping destination, thredUP, along with some tips for mixing high-end and low-end items (you can see all my tips for getting the most out of shopping on thredUP in this post – it is essentially very well curated online consignment store with great brands, great prices, and a huge selection).

A few years ago I made a goal to only buy pieces that would last (and that I would wear) for the next five years. This was great for getting me to invest in some quality pieces (think nicer jeans, a great black pencil skirt, classic heels, and durable neutrals), but it meant I stayed away from fun pieces I really liked that I couldn’t see myself wearing a few years down the road. These days I’m still committed to investing in clothing pieces that will last (and Ben hates that I call buying any item of clothing an “investment” ;), but I like mixing in a few lower cost, trendy items to keep things fresh and interesting.

For this look I used a Kate Spade cross-body to dress up a Target top (fun fact: Lincoln loves carrying this shirt around the house and alternates between wearing it as a scarf and as a hat). Both pieces were on huge discount and in like-new condition from thredUP and I’m excited for this warmer weather to get a little more use out of both (and not be wearing the same 10 things I packed for Europe).

Tips for mixing high + low end pieces in your wardrobe (or how to dress nicely on a budget):

  1. splurge on classic pieces that won’t go out of style // Having a foundation of quality pieces that you can mix in with trendier, lower cost items keeps your look polished and stylish. 
  2. avoid logos and big embellishments // Often it’s the buttons, the jewels, or the embroidery on an item of clothing that gives away its low quality. Even if you’re picking trendy pieces, stay away from large embellishments and obvious logos. 
  3. add texture // A bit of texture (think leather, fur, cashmere, suede) takes the interest of any look up a notch so even if you’re sporting mostly budget finds, adding a bit of texture is always a good idea. 
  4. pay attention to fit // I find that, in general, more expensive pieces tend to fit better. So, ESPECIALLY when you’re mixing in cheaper items, make sure they fit you well. I love that with thredUP I can try on everything from the comfort of my house and I’m always super picky about what I keep and what I return (with free shipping). A great fitting pair of jeans anchors any outfit, whether you splurged on them or not. 
  5. go with what you love // For me, this bright Kate Spade cross body was a little bit bold for an investment piece because the color is such a statement and certainly not a neutral. BUT, I really love it the bright color is paired with a classic silhouette and I’ll use it for years. 
  6. pay attention to finishing touches // A girl in head-to-toe Forever21 who is having a fabulous hair day, rocking a fresh manicure, and taken a few extra minutes to apply a great lipstick looks more put-together than if I were to head out the door in a new J.Crew look with bedhead and yesterday’s eyeliner. 

Favorite places to find high-end pieces at a discount:

  • thredUP
  • TheRealReal
  • What Goes Around Comes Around
  • Otrium
And if you haven’t used thredUP before, here’s $10 to spend. 

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  1. I do this all the time as well – mixing wardrobe as a girl on a budget!
    xo – katestylepetite.com