Family Diary: Minute Man National Park

Fall in New England is just magical.

My brother and his girlfriend flew into Boston and after a big breakfast at our place we drove over to the Minuteman National Park, where the first battle of the Revolutionary War was fought back on April 19, 1775. 

It was a bit chilly and very windy so we didn’t stay long. After a brief stop in the museum we watched a little video about the events that unfolded here. Afterwards, on the walk back to the car, Lincoln and my brother Caleb kept running ahead of us and pretending to be minutemen shooting the redcoats. 

A few things I want to remember: 

  • Lincoln’s tiny”pew pew” gun sounds as he hid with Caleb to attack the redcoats (us)
  • How both kids sat with rapt attention during the presentation
  • Lincoln’s response when I said something about George Washington, “Oh George Washington! So this must be the Revolutionary War.” (where does this four year old come from? Thank you, Magic Tree House books for teaching him everything he knows) 
  • Adelaide’s selection of the paper doll sticker book as a souvenir in the gift shop – the same paper doll sticker books I collected as a kid 
  • Reciting The Concord Hymn with Caleb and my mom in the museum while Lincoln watched, mesmerize
  • The colors of these leaves! 


outfit details: 

Adelaide’s Coat: but really, I can barely handle the cuteness 

Adelaide’s shoes 

Lincoln’s pants: if you have a toddler boy, go buy these. We have had them in a couple of sizes over the years and all my friends who order them love them as much as we do

My jacket: Nordstrom Rack


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