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Mini Shein Review: Matching Two Piece Sweater Set

I’m continuing a new series here today with a mini Shein Review! You can always grab my 5 secrets for finding the best things on Shein in this post. These are not sponsored (I order these things myself). 

Mini Shein Review: Wide Leg Knit Sweater Set 

Matching two piece sets aren’t going anywhere anytime soon and this sweater set has been on repeat for the last 2+ years. You know something is great if Shein keeps restocking it year after year. 

You know those pieces you order on a whim and then end up being staples in your closet?

This is one of those for me. 

This is, hands down, my favorite thing I’ve ordered from Shein over the years. The quality is a step up from what I’ve ordered from them in the past. It feels so comfortable on. I’ve had it for 2+ years and it is still in stock. 

First impressions: 

It is soft, thicker than I expected, and very nice right out of the bag. 

The buttons on the sweater are a step up from the usually cheap hardware/buttons on Shein. 



My one complaint about this set is that it is comes in only one size.

Yes, there is lots of flexibility in their one size. I’ve worn it and loved it at many different sizes. I wore it post partum when I was 35 pounds heavier (pictured here) and then 20 pounds later for Thanksgiving. Two years later I wore it to a girls dinner date at another size entirely. 

No, it doesn’t work for all sizes. If you usually wear a S/M then I’m sure this will fit really well. If you’re usually a large, go in and read the Shein reviews by someone your same height/weight and see what they say. If you’re on the small side of XS, the waist in the pants might not be tight enough. I wore them with a belt underneath to hold them up when I was a 0/00 and it stayed hidden underneath the sweater. 

Shein does have similar two piece sweater sets with regular sizing like this one or this one


I’m really impressed with the quality. The pleats in the pants have held up and stayed in placed after many washes over the years. The sweater hasn’t pilled yet. I wash and then lay flat (or sometimes hang) to dry. 

Where I wear it: 

I have worn this set with heels to fancy events and church meetings. I’ve worn it with slippers to Thanksgiving dinner and with loafers to dinner out with the girls.

I wear the sweater alone with jeans and the pants with fitted tops.

It is so versatile, so comfortable, and so chic (one of those outfits where you feel like you’re wearing pajamas and still look really put together at the same time). 

I wore this to the opening of the J.Jill store in Boston and the CEO of J.Jill gushed about how much she loved my “cashmere set.” I didn’t have the heart to tell her that it was definitely not cashmere and cheaper than everything in her store. 


I love this set. I’ve worn and washed it for years. They look really good together but you can also mix and match the pieces (I love a tight black turtleneck with the pants and then just wearing the sweater with my favorite jeans). 

Highly recommend. 


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