Is the Franklin Park Zoo open in Boston?


Yes it is! 

With the exception of our water adventures, I loaded up the kids for our first adventure in Boston since the pandemic hit to visit the last place we spent the day before Westley joined our family – the Franklin Park Zoo! 

Things look a little different right now at the Franklin Park Zoo but if you’re looking for an outing, the zoo is still a Boston summer staple. 

Highlights for Lincoln and Adelaide were the prairie dogs, giraffes, and the zebras. The playground is open and the only way we could get the kids away from it was with popsicles (from the gift shop that is open next door). 

If you’re worried about venturing out, the zoo is taking lots of measures to help people feel (and be) safe. 

How Franklin Park Zoo is taking precautions:

Right now you buy your tickets online in advance for a specific start time so they can limit the number of people who come in to the zoo each day and space the visitors out throughout the day. The zoo is set up for a one way walking tour (although after the playground you can cut back and skip the long walk around to the kangaroos, camels, lions, tiger, and more if you’re tired/hot/kids don’t want to walk). 

The zoo requires masks if you’re over two and request everyone remain six feet apart, with lots of signage and spacing indicators marked on the ground. That said, no one was rude or harsh about it and Adelaide was so happy each time a zoo employee drove by and waved at her. 

There are hand sanitizer stations outside each door (each time you would need to touch something that someone else touched). 

Overall, we felt really comfortable/safe during our visit. It was easy to stay 6 feet apart from people while looking at the animals and it was much easier to walk around the zoo with Westley at 10 months old than it was while 9 months + 1 week pregnant 😉 

Have you been to the zoo yet this summer? 

A few more pictures from our trip: 

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