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A final findlay date + thoughts on feeling settled

We said goodbye to Ohio two weeks ago and had a fiasco moving our stuff to my parents in New Hampshire while we slowly move into our place in Massachusetts over the next few months. Today I’m talking a little bit about goodbyes and the perks + struggles of this in between stage we’re in right now.

These were the last family photos we snapped in the town where we started our family almost three years ago.

And, you know, it was only a very tiny bit bittersweet.

There were a lot of hard things the last three years. There were a lot of wonderful things, yes.

Babies are wonderful.

Our home was wonderful.

Our dear friends were (are) wonderful.

But, it was hard to have a husband who wasn’t thrilled with where he went to work everyday. And it was MUCH harder when he started going to that work at odd hours, for much longer shifts, day and night.

It was hard to be so far from family + close friends. And it was hard to take the time to feel settled in a place we always knew was temporary.

That last one is probably the biggest lesson I took from living in Findlay, Ohio. At first it was going to be for three months. Which turned into two years. Which turned into three.

And even though this next stage is just two months, followed by a short 20 months, I’m already working on taking the time to be settled.

I find the things that you do when you’re planning on being somewhere for a long time are the things that make me happiest, even when it’s only for a little while. Like establishing routines, investing in relationships, and creating traditions.

We’re working on finding a new morning routine that works for our family (once we can get our kids sleeping on a regular schedule again – please, Adelaide, NO MORE 5 AM WAKE UPS!), I’m hoping to introduce some nightly and weekly family traditions, and I’m being intentional about spending time with people I care about (other than my babies…because no matter what, we spend a lot of time with them).

I’m also spending quite a bit of time trying to figure out the best way to design our small space down in Cambridge. It really is the most beautiful + bright 750 square feet I could have imagined BUT it is 750 square feet for four people. If you have any tips for small space living or apartment living with kids, I’m all ears.

You can also see all the ideas I’ve been feverishly pinning over the last few weeks here. 

It is a little disconcerting to think how little we know about what our life will look like over and after the next two years. But, I’m learning it matters less and less where we are and more who we’re with and how we’ve living. And no matter what is in store for us, at least we know we’re in it together.

How do you get settled in a new place? What things really make you feel like you’re finally “home?” 

outfit details:

Dress: Poppy + Dot, c/o (sold out but super similar here – use code elisabethM10 for 10% off)

watch: Daniel Wellington, c/o (use code: MCKNIGHT15 for 15% off – this white one is perfect for summer and I’ve been wearing it every single day)

backpack: Fawn Design diaper bag

shoes: Madden Girl (last season but I linked this season’s version that comes in a few different prints/ colors and is on sale!)

Adelaide’s Moccs: Freshly Picked // romper: GAP // sweater: GAP // sunnies: Janie & Jack

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  1. Goodness, I had no idea you were moving. Are you living with your family in NH for the summer? We moved into our home a few years ago and my toddler wasn’t used to the new house. She refused to take a bath in our new bathtub. Now, she is comfortable. It can take babies a little longer to adjust to a new place because they are more insecure then adults. I am sure in time they will feel more comfortable and your little one will not wake up so early. It is just a huge shift for them, but it will get easier as time goes on. BTW, that dress looks really cute on you.

  2. Such sweet pictures of your little fam! I wish you the best of luck with your move and settling in <3

  3. We should have a NH blogger date! Hoping you guys feel more settled over the next few weeks!

  4. My daugter, also an Adelaide, age 9 months, wakes up every morning at 5 am, poops on the dot every morning at 6 am and has already had a few blow outs in her crib to welcome me, following with forced laundry on her sheets and a bath. I am used to the sleep deprivation. She is a night waker anyway, often waking up several times in the night to want to eat, suck or be comforted. She usually just cries herself to sleep, but it’s loud and my husband has to be at work at 5:30 am. My other daughter, age 4 sleeps through it all and wakes up between 7-8 am. I went through infertility for years, wanting a baby, so I can’t complain about my role here, but some caffeine in the morning and a nap when hubby gets home always seems to save me.