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Family Beach Evening at Corona Del Mar

We have spent a lot of the last few months in pure survival mode. First trimesters are HARD! They lead to something wonderful but the collective year of them I’ve lived through is almost certainly my least favorite. It’s like a perpetual stomach flu for 3 months … where you still mostly expect yourself to hold down the fort (shower, feed the kids, make sure there are clean socks).

I am finally starting to feel a bit better during the day (mornings are still hit or miss and evenings are still pretty unpleasant).

This weekend we packed up all the kids, beach chairs, and towels (completely forgetting sand toys) for an easy dinner of chopped veggies and muffins (this whole wheat chocolate chip recipe).

The big kids gathered seaweed, played in the waves, and dug in the sand while Westley mostly snacked and played with cars on the beach blanket. I’m grateful for easy hours outside in sunshine in March. Here is where I recommit to weekly beach days while we live in this beautiful place.

My Outfit details (18 weeks pregnant with baby #4)

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