Day in the life: March 2019

This is NOT a usual day. This month I’ve been going to bed much earlier and still staggering out of bed long enough to get the kids up and then snuggle back onto the couch while they play and I doze for the first half hour of the day. 

2:05 am – I finally finish the audiobook I was listening to and go to sleep.

6:00 –  I hug Lincoln and tell him to go back to sleep. A few minute later I go in and help him rearrange his blankets and vow to have blanket class the next day because these kids should be able to arrange their blankets themselves.

Sometime after 7 I hear Ben’s alarm, roll over, and keep dozing while he gets up and gets ready for class.

7:48 – I hear Adelaide calling for Dad. She asks for water. The kids were up late and 7:48 feels like a treat but when I give her the water and close the door she doesn’t protest.

I drink my morning vitamin drink, set goals and schedule for the day, read scriptures, and work on a quiet time post for 20 minutes until Lincoln comes out of his room at 8:30 and I hear Adelaide talking in her crib.

8:35 – I make breakfast, read scriptures out loud to the kids, and chat about the plan for the day.

9:15 – I help everyone get dressed and get out the door (leaving the house with kids is time consuming but the winter doubles or triples it).

10:00 –  We get to the gym, chat with friends at toddler open gym, and I sneak in a 30 minute workout afterwards. I tried the elliptical for the first time in years and am excited about it as a new workout option. With running off the table (ligament pain has been real even early on this pregnancy), I was in a bit of an exercise rut.

I did NOT pack enough snacks so by 11:45 I was nauseously hungry and was not looking forward to getting two hungry + tired kids from the gym to the car and then from the parking garage up to our third floor apartment. And so, for the third time this pregnancy, we stopped in the Mcdonalds drive through. Adelaide requested fries + lemonade (she will only eat chicken nuggets from chick fil a), I got a big mac, and Lincoln ordered a six count nugget.

We ate the fries, lemonade, and big mac in the parking lot before heading home where I put Adelaide straight to bed and set Lincoln up with his lunch and quiet time toys.

I hugged Lincoln and climbed into bed. I spent a few minutes checking things on my phone (a bad habit I’m working on), turned on twenty minutes of white noise, and fell asleep.

3:00 –  I got out of bed, expecting to find Lincoln asleep but he was curled up like a monkey beneath couch pillows, listening to his book. He told me he’d be done with quiet time after that chapter finished and I came back to the office to update this post and check my email.

Adelaide woke up a few minutes later and we snuggled on the couch while Lincoln cleaned up the magnatiles. They each picked a piece of candy for a quiet time treat and had a small snack before we got dressed again. Lincoln insists on putting on pajamas the second he comes home from anything so we’re always getting dressed to leave the house, no matter what time of day it is.

4:10 – We walk in a little late to a birthday party on campus and the kids are off to jump in the bounce house and see what treats they can find. I spend the next hour and a half trying to keep track of them (Lincoln only tried to run away outside twice) and catch up with friends.

We were home a little before 6 with enough time for me to put in a Sweet Green order online, put Adelaide on the toilet (super gradual potty training has started over here), and load up a purse with movie treats before Ben got home to tag me out.

There was a moms’ night out event for the campus family club so a few friends and I grabbed sweet green to-go from Harvard Square and drove over to the movie theater together. We chatted through “My Best Friend’s Wedding,” in a theater all to ourselves.

9:45 – I got home, chatted with Ben for half an hour and responded to instagram comments for awhile before mustering enough energy to get off the couch and get in bed around 11.

This day was so many things I love about this HBS life right now. It was good conversation at the gym, little friends on campus, and things that get me out of the house with dear friends in the evening.  The only highlight it didn’t include is having Ben home for lunch and off completely on a random Thursday. The first half of this semester he has very full days Monday/Tuesday and sometimes Wednesday and then we have him home (with studying to do) Thursday – Sunday.

I’m wishing we had some more drive thru options around here and a few less stairs to climb to our apartment but I am already missing this season where our lives are so intertwined with this campus community that has become like family. 

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