Boston Summer Bucket List: Walden Pond

Tonight I was looking through our Boston Summer Bucket List and realize I have A LOT to cross off in the next few weeks if we are really going to get to all of that. We’ve had a couple of different trips to Walden this summer, but this one with Ben right after school ended is the only one the camera made it on (wrangling two toddlers alone is hard enough).

My dad learned to swim in Walden Pond, fifty five years ago.

Henry Thoreau escaped the bustle of Boston at Walden Pond, 200 years ago.

Our trip didn’t include swimming lessons or poetic readings of Civil Disobedience, but it did include lots of wading in the still water, snuggling on towels with snacks, and digging through the sand with toy trucks.

If you’re in Boston with kids, Walden just seems less overwhelming than a beach trip (and you don’t have to worry about kids and waves). Just be wary they close when the parking gets full and don’t let people in again for a few hours (you can stay updated on closures via their twitter page).

On second thought, we might skip the rest of our Boston Summer Bucket List and just go to Walden as much as we can.

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