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Toddler Bedtime Routine with Halo Snoozy Pod

Today I’m sharing our toddler bedtime routine and the Halo Snoozy Pod, the coolest new baby/toddler product on the market! This post is sponsored by HALO Innovations.

Have you heard of the Snoozy Pod? I’m sharing all the ways we use our Snoozy Pod and how they’re helping both kids sleep better (and longer!) in their beds.

Toddler Bedtime Routine

The thing that saves me the most sanity in motherhood is having established routines. My kids do better when we’re sticking to routines and it is easier for me to parent when I’m not figuring out what to do next. Here’s a look at our bedtime routine with two toddlers (one in a crib and one in a toddler bed).

Baths + Pajamas

Our bedtime routine starts at about 6:30 with both kids playing in the bath together. After baths, maybe a bit of lotion, and clean diapers, we put on jammies and brush our teeth. From the first week my kids were born we’ve loved Halo SleepSacks. I love that Halo has SleepSacks that grow with the kids! Even when they outgrew swaddling, they still could use the next stage SleepSack to keep this part of their sleep routine consistent. Lincoln, though, he just loves that they’re so soft.

Quiet Questions + Cuddles

Once they’re dressed, we love to wind down with stories and cuddles. I like to ask them a few quiet questions about their day. Questions like “when were you kind today?” or “what made you happy today?”


The most important part of our sleep routine is what we do once the kids are in bed.

Once the kids are in bed (one with a pacifier, one without), I’ll kiss them goodnight and turn on each HALO SnoozyPod.

Vibration Feature

Do you remember that amazing HALO Bassinest we used with Adelaide that had a vibration option? It was SO wonderful in helping her fall asleep and sometimes I still kick myself that I didn’t have it for Lincoln. I remember worrying about transitioning to a crib and losing the vibration feature, but now with SnoozyPod, Adelaide can have that right in her crib too.

The two vibration settings provide comfort and security for our little one and I love that I can control it via bluetooth from my phone.

White Noise Feature

The other feature we love about the SnoozyPod is the white noise. The first night Lincoln slept all the way through the night was the first night I left white noise on all the way through the night. We haven’t stopped using white noise since. In addition to helping my kids self soothe when they wake up, HALO SnoozyPod’s white noise feature is a great cue that it’s time for sleep.

I appreciate that I can increase and decrease the white noise volume on each kid’s SnoozyPod using the same app on my phone — I always turn it up if we’re having company over or Ben and I are watching a movie and I’m worried about conversations or the t.v. sound waking them…. and then I can easily turn it down when we’re done.

Overall, the combination of vibration and white noise has always helped Adelaide sleep better and I love that SnoozyPod lets her keep these comforts in her crib — and eventually to her toddler bed!


The Snoozypod also has a nightlight feature we’ve just recently started using with the kids and Lincoln loves the security of the lit moon and stars.

Once both kids are in bed, I’ll slip out of their room and it’s likely they’ll chat or giggle together for 10-15 minutes before falling asleep and listening to them is one of my favorite parts of the whole day (and I promise it’s not just because I’m finally sitting alone on the couch with my feet up).




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