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Best Bath Toys for Toddlers

Today I’m sharing all of the best toddler bath toys to make bath time more enjoyable (and a better break for mom at the end of a long day). Most of these toys can be used from baby bath time through older toddlers and some of them double as fun outside of the tub. This post contains affiliate links. 

Bath Toys for Toddlers

One of my secret weapons in motherhood has always been bath time. With the exception of the newborn stage and a brief stint at 10 months with my oldest, both kids have always loved the bath.

After a long day, I can always count on twenty or more minutes of entertainment in the tub. In the early days it was another way to interact with my baby and as each of them got bigger, it became time to unwind a little bit, or clean up around the house before bed (the perks of small house living is I’m always four steps from the bathroom, no matter where I am).

The key to long toddler baths has always been great bath toys so I’ve rounded up our favorites (and a few toys that friends have recommended) so your little ones can be just as excited about bath time as mine.

TIP: Even if you buy all of these toys, only have one or two in the tub at a time. When there are so many options, kids get overwhelmed and will end up spending less time in the bath or need more direction and involvement from you.

Best Toddler Bath Toys

1. A great bubble bath!

Mr. Bubbles is our favorite for lots of bath time bubbles but I’ve also heard amazing things about Tubby Todd Bubble Bath if you’re looking for a more natural alternative.

2. Bath foam

Have you tried this before? This gentle foam soap is hypoallergenic and soft on your little one’s skin but the best part is how it doubles as more bath time fun. It’s extra great for nights you don’t want a full bath of bubbles but your toddler is asking for them.

3. Bath crayons

Whether you have a budding artist or you just don’t love the mess of art at the kitchen table, bath crayons are a great options! Your toddler can color on the side of the tub or tile (or on other bath toys) and then it all wipes away with a sponge or wash cloth when bath time is over. This pack comes with 6 bathtub crayons each encased in a plastic holder which makes them easier for little wet hands to hold.

P.S. This same brand also makes our favorite creamy crayons, perfect for early drawers.

4. Munchkin Fishing Rod Set

This bath time toy set improves hand eye coordination and has kids bobbing for little characters all of bath time. The three characters float with magnets face up for easy fishing. Our kids love playing with this one in and out of the bath and it leads to lots of imaginative play.

5. Skip Hop Zoo Bath Pull and Go Submarine

Your toddler can pull the string to activate the propeller and set the sub in motion. This bath toy encourages motor skills while teaching about floating and sinking.

6. Classic Stacking Cups

The most used bath toy in our house have always been these classic stacking cups. They can be used as cups to wash little one’s hair, pots of soup for their pretend dinner, or ways to transport bubbles from one side of the bath to the other.

You can use them to teach relative sizes and reinforce colors + counting during bath time and they’re great for packing along to the beach or just playing with on the living room floor.

**These are a great early bath toy that can grow with older babies into toddlerhood.


7. Green Toys Ferry Boat with Mini Cars 

In the bath, at the pool, or playing at the beach, this ferry comes with two little cars that can fit on board. It features a spacious cargo area and slide-out ramp, perfect for loading up the cars or other action figures your toddler wants to place inside. The pontoon-inspired design floats just like a real ferry.

8. Foam Letters and Numbers

These are a classic bath time option and are a great way to introduce colors, numbers, and letters. The foam letters and numbers stick to the bathtub walls when wet and also float in the water.


9. Grasp and Splash Toys

The grip on these toys make them perfect for little fingers to pick up. These easy-to-grasp toys grow perfectly with your baby into toddlerhood.

10. Baby Bath Books

You can never have too many books and the bath is no exception. These bathbooks feature numbers & shapes and colors & letters and are great for getting your bookworms into the tub. They are also great first books for babies who like to put everything in their mouths!

11. Munchkin Bath Boats

This set includes six bath boats that link together to make a train bath time fun. Whether your little one loves to play with vehicles (trains, boats, or both), loves to link and build, or just loves to zoom things through water, these bath toys are sure to be a hit. The boats float, scoop and strain water, and are designed with goofy faces guaranteed to make your little one smile. Each pack comes with six brightly colored boats numbered 1-2-3, making them great for teaching colors, order, number recognition and counting. Linking, scooping and pouring help develop fine motor skills, too.

12. Boon Building Bath Pipes Set 

13. Nuby Floating Octopus

Nuby’s Floating Octopus is a = fun and interactive bath toy that comes with 1 floating octopus and 3 rings to throw on the octopus’s tentacles. It helps develop hand-eye coordination and provides endless fun in the bath or pool.

14. Toy Basketball Hoop and Balls

For the little one who loves balls, this bathtub basketball toy is secured to the faucet for endless bath time dunks. The mini basketballs are airtight to prevent mold.


15. ALEX Toys Rub a Dub Water Xylophone

This has been one of both kids favorite bath toys! This water xylophone includes six detachable pieces that can be played together or individually. The foam base of each piece causes the xylophone to float or stick to tub walls. Each set includes xylophone, waterproof sheet music, and two mallets. The recommended age is 3 and up but for little music lovers, my kids have loved these since about 18 months.

Now tell me, what did I miss? What are the favorite bath time toys in your house?


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  1. I totally want to get some foam letters for my little girl to get her knowing those more and more! There are so many good ideas here!

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