Beauty Without Compromise + Tips for Whiter Teeth

these fast tips for diy whiter teeth are genius!
these fast tips for diy whiter teeth are genius!

I remember that time I insisted on my new black heels for a job interview on campus in college. I might have felt more professional, but my feet hated me as I winced all the way home to my dorm. And then there were those dreaded whitening trays. They left my newly brace-free smile whiter, but I had to skip out on ice cream on a date later that week because even room temperature water felt like I was drinking a slushie.

How many times have you gone with a more flattering but less comfortable option? Or sat through an eyebrow wax?

How many times have you snuck off to the bathroom just for a chance to take off your four inch heels, just to find another two women doing the same thing? “Pain is beauty” one says to you with a tired smile.

Other than high heels, my most painful beauty sacrifice has been for my teeth. I’ve tried strips and trays and considered professional whitening. But guys, I have SUPER sensitive teeth. When I used to get my braces adjusted, I couldn’t eat solid food for two days because my mouth hurt so bad. I dread the dentist. And I hate drinking out of water fountains because often the water is so cold it hurts my teeth. Sometimes when I’m skiing, just breathing in the cold air hurts my teeth.

So, when the makers of Sensodyne® asked if I wanted to try their toothpaste for a few weeks, I jumped at the chance. Sensodyne® True White® is 10x less abrasive than many leading whitening toothpastes*, providing gentle stain removal and active stain protection. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and I can already tell a difference in how my teeth feel. I’ve loved the idea of toothpaste to help relieve sensitivity but I’ve always bought whitening toothpaste and wasn’t quite willing to give that up. Turns out I was one of the one in three women who didn’t know there was a whitening option for sensitive teeth (data from a poll conducted by the makers of Sensodyne®). I love knowing that I can have a whiter smile without enduring pain (and really, I’m just happy I can drink from the drinking fountain at the gym without cringing).

these fast tips for diy whiter teeth are genius!

Tips for whiter teeth

Looking for tweaks to your daily routine to get your teeth looking whiter? Here are my suggestions:

  1. Avoid dark colored foods and drinks. You know, the coffee and the cranberry juice. If it’s dark before it goes into your mouth, it is likely going to stain your teeth.
  2. Try naturally whitening foods. Strawberries and raw broccoli are both great choices. The malic acid in strawberries acts as a natural whitener and the high iron in broccoli strengthens your teeth to protect against stains.
  3. End your meal or snack with cleaning foods. Crisp (or firm) foods help clean your teeth as you eat them. So, if you aren’t about to go brush your teeth after a dinner date, pop some popcorn before you start the movie and have that be the last thing you eat for a few hours. Also good are apples or raw vegetables like carrots and celery.
  4. Use a whitening toothpaste. If you have sensitive teeth, try Sensodyne® True White® for a whiter smile and sensitivity relief, without the compromise..
  5. Change your toothbrush regularly. I’m horrible at this so I signed up for a subscription service that sends me a new brush head for my electric toothbrush a few times a year and hopefully it will help me be better about this one.
  6. Wear a lipstick with cool undertones. A bold lip does a lot for making your teeth look whiter, but sticking with ones with blue undertones brings out the white in your teeth and makes them pop. Avoid the orangy-reds and stick with the berry hues.



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