Baby Organization Tips + Nursery Peek

Its only been 9 months and the nursery is ALMOST finished ( I just have a few frames to fill and I”m waiting on one furniture piece that has been on back order). Lincoln’s room is easily the cleanest in the house and I’m not sure if its due to the system I’ve stuck to or the fact that baby things are just so much cuter to put away. But either way, here are a few tips at baby closet organization + some of our “must haves” (and yes, I use the word “pee” in this a couple of times, but we’re talking about babies here…):

1. Skimp on Hangers: I’m not talking about buying cheaper hangers (although I did get mine in a large pack at goodwill for about a dollar and they’re much nicer to have than just the hangers from the store that the clothes came on) – just don’t have a lot. Only hang the bigger items. I only hang Lincoln’s sweaters, his dress shirts and his outerwear. The first few months I hung almost everything and with the number of outfits he was going through a day, it was a pain.

2. Go with Bins: I picked up a handful of bins at TJ Maxx and LOVE them. I sort his items by “PJs,” “onesies,” “bottoms,” and “tops” (and rompers go in the “bottoms” bin). It makes it super easy to find what I’m looking for and utilizes the shelf space in his closet. This is also great if your baby is sharing closet space with something/someone else or you don’t have a closet to dedicate to him – just use bins on a bookshelf and you’re all set! 

3. Roll instead of fold: If I’m being honest, a lot of the time I just sort his clothes into bins and leave them kind of a mess (but a very organized mess). When I do decide to clean it up, I roll each item and place it lengthwise (see picture) so I can see each item by looking down into the bin. The rolling also works really well for swaddle blankets (that we mostly use as burp cloths). 
4. Have an accessories bin: Again with the bins, but really this keeps all the clutter in one place and its a great spot for his shoes/socks/ hats/ etc (I do have a separate box for his ties/bow ties because hes acquired so many, but I used to keep them in the same accessory bin). 

5. Have a Changing Station (with a dirty clothes basket nearby). Before we had a baby I heard a lot of moms say they never used their changing table, but we LOVE ours. We didn’t have it for the first few months but especially now that he’s bigger, it is so nice not to be changing him on the floor. Our changing table flips out to create a longer table and I keep a basket of necessities on it. I also have everything else we need in the first drawer. 

6. Keep it Stocked: Our changing station is always stocked with:
  • diapers – pictured here are honest diapers because they’re what I had left and not packed up for vacation…but really we don’t love these and that’s why there are so many left – Lincoln leaks through these all the time
  • brand name wipes – I use way less wipes when I buy good ones
  • Cottonelle Megaroll toilet paper. If you’re a mom of a baby boy, add these to your changing station. When he was little I started using a square to cover him up during diaper changes (we call them “TP teepees” or “pee pee teepees”) to avoid getting peed on and now I always keep them on hand (wipes are too cold and usually cause him to pee so toilet paper is much better). Plus, these are extra thick so you’re going through less and making good use of space. 
  • diaper rash cream – I’ve used 3-4 different kinds and haven’t noticed a huge difference between them 
  • hand sanitizer – I’d love to wash my hands directly after each diaper change but usually I need to pick up the baby (or at least put the baby on the floor) before walking to the bathroom so sanitizer is a must
A few more shots of part of the nursery: 

^you can tell I basically only buy him red + blue clothes (also, the big bin above is for all his extra linens I don’t have to have to fold like burp cloths and bibs) 
^a closeup of the top drawer on our changing table
^also, I buy all his clothes from thredUP or Once Upon a Child – used clothes for babies are AWESOME because you can find things in amazing condition because often babies will grow out of clothes after having only worn them once or twice. I did get quite a few new things for him at baby showers and will sometimes pick up cute things at Target but I’d say 90% of his clothes now are purchased used. 
^I roll most of his swaddle blankets (that we use for burp clothes or just random blankets – I only used them to swaddle him for about a week) and it seems so much easier to keep neat than folding 
^I told you – everything is blue and red. These are his onesies – I have everything rolled except the white ones which are just stacked. ^shorts + pants
^How darling are these bow ties? I do love church as an excuse to get Lincoln dressed up every week! 
^the quick basket on the changing table has diapers, wipes, and a little kit of baby things (that usually I hand to Lincoln to distract him with)
^his nursery is nautical/sailboat themed so I loved this little basket I found! 
^my diaper bags aren’t always this neatly hung but I love them. Even when I’m going somewhere without a baby I hardly bring a regular purse anymore. I’ve also developed lots of opinions on diaper bags…maybe that will be another post

This post was created in partnership with Cottonnelle. 

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  1. My hubby and I do not have kids yet but I LOVE the way you organized his room!

  2. I love these tips! Caroline is eight months old now, and her nursery is still a work-in-progress, too. Probably because I know we're not going to be in our current house forever and I don't want to put 150% into a room that we'll ultimately have to pack up. 😉

  3. So many things that can be learned here about baby organization tips. Thanks for posting Elisabeth. Keep it up!

  4. Thanks Elisabeth! I learned a lot from you. I love the way you organized your nursery peek.