An Autumn To-Do List

Simple days bring simple joys. 

My to-do list while home in New Hampshire isn’t very detailed, and I would be quite content to spend each day taking walks through our neighborhood and eating lunch at home with my parents. But it is Lincoln’s first fall here, and I’m always a bit worried it will be my last, so here are a few things I’m looking forward to in the next two weeks:

1. Pick apples. Potentially make apple sauce. Or just dip the apples in caramel and eat them all.

2. Hike the flume. 
3. Make a few more loaves of our family favorite pumpkin bread recipe
4. Drink fresh apple cider. 
5. Kayak on the lake (and get a different perspective on all the gorgeous foliage).
6. Take baby pictures in the leaves. 
7. Have a bonfire + roast s’mores. 
8. Eat chocolate chip cookie dough with my brother (and make some into cookies). This recipe has been in our family for years and I finally shared it on the blog last month. 
9. Meet a new political candidate (because we are in New Hampshire during election season after all). 
10. Go through the corn maze at Swaine Family Farm after eating their pancakes and showing Lincoln the petting zoo. 
What are your favorite things to do in the fall? 


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  1. Such a fun list! We haven't done anything very "fall" yet, we're going to have to get on that!

  2. Great list!!! Autumn is my favorite month of the year, yet I haven't really taken time to enjoy it like I should. Looks like you've got some fun upcoming plans! I may be borrowing a few of them from you… 😉

  3. i llike your to do the activity with your family…greetings from Indonesia, my name is Dewi Rieka you can call me Dedew 🙂