10 Things I’m Loving Right Now

A month and a half into 2024 already? Didn’t we just set goals + make resolutions yesterday?

We’ve had some exciting projects and big family changes over the last few weeks. It means more work and added pressure to the next little bit.

In our day-to-day life right now, here are 10 things I’ve been loving:

1. Pinterest: It has been years since I’ve used interest this much and it is so fun! The algorithm is great in serving inspiration that I didn’t know I needed. I also love that it feels less saturated with ads than other social media. And, as much as I love consuming short form video, Pinterest isn’t as over-stimulating. If Tiktok is a bag of candy, browsing Pinterest is buying the organic snacks at the grocery store 😉

2. Quince long-sleeve white tee: I am fully on board with the white crewneck trend now and this tee is my favorite closet addition. I reach for it every time it’s clean. Its probably time to order a second (or third?). It goes under all my sweaters which means I don’t wash my sweaters nearly as much and they hold up better. I sized up size one for a looser fit.

3. Parenting Books: I set a goal for 2024 to read 50 parenting books. So far I’m 5 books in (a tiny bit behind). I have learned a lot in the last few weeks and, amid big life changes when my parenting quality would dip, I am more calm + capable than I’ve been in awhile. Here are the best ones I’ve read so far

  • Good Inside (my all time favorite parenting book)
  • Raising Good Humans (loved the emphasis on mindfulness)
  • How To Talk so Little Kids Will Listen (such a practical + applicable one)
  • No Drama Discipline (a little more depth + theory + info on developing brains)

I’m sharing 60 second reviews and takeaways on Tiktok here.

4. Baby FINALLY sleeping through the night: The biggest thing I’m loving right now is climbing into bed and knowing I will most likely be able to stay there until morning! We have officially dropped all night feeds and if she wakes up, I just explain that there’s no milk and she lunges, defeated, for her crib.

ps. this might be the real reason for my more calm + leveled parenting

5. Dans Le Bois perfume: This Baccarat Rouge dupe is a clean perfume (free of all the things except delicious smells). It is a more sophisticated, musky scent than I usually wear but I’ve been reaching for it a lot and am told a few times a week how fantastic it smells by strangers.

p.s. I have all the perfumes from Dime Beauty and broke down all the scent details.

6. Turning my phone off: When I get stressed my impulse is to pull out my phone and open social media. I crave the little dopamine hits of my phone. I’ve found it harder than usual to be present with my kids when my phone is around so ….I’ve been turning it off for a few hours at a time. It isn’t so great for my response time but it has been really good for my afternoons with all the kids.

7. Vitamin C serum: I have been on a big skincare kick the last 12 months but focused mainly on my evening serum routine. As I’ve been learning more about vitamin c the last few weeks I’m recommitting to using it every morning. Did you know it makes your sunscreen more effective? It can also help even out skin tone? I finished the Hyper Glow from Dime (which I thought was a little too runny) and am currently using this budget-friendly option.

8. The Hotel Nantucket: I needed a break from all the parenting books and binged this one in 2 days. It is light and fun with a cast of characters you’re rooting for. Plus, it makes you want to book a trip back to New England right away.

9. Dior Lip Oil in Rosewood: I bought this on a girls trip a few months ago and am obsessed. I ordered 589402 knock-offs from Alibaba (had a second there where I wanted to launch a lip oil brand on Amazon and was doing some product sourcing). So now I have a lip oil in every bag, car cup holder, and drawer. The knock-offs aren’t as good as the dior BUT they’re all fun. Yout get a tiny bit of color, a lot of hydration, and a little gloss without anything being sticky. It’s like chapstick had a sophisticated glow-up.

10. Taka Vitamins + Energy: This is not new but sustaining me these days. Its a powdered daily vitamin and clean source of energy. There isn’t a big energy buzz and no caffeine crash. Plus, with sparkling water in the afternoon it is the most delicious pick-me-up.

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