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2nd Trimester Update

Okay so I hit my third trimester this month BUT this update is from a few weeks ago in my second trimester. We have so many big things between now and baby arriving that it seems so far away (moving! graduating! traveling!) … so I feel like this last stage of pregnancy snuck up on me a bit. Here’s a snapshot of how the second trimester went. I stole the template from previous updates when I was pregnant with Lincoln and Adelaide and had too much fun re-reading a lot of those one evening.

Second Trimester Update:

Favorite Moments: My favorite moments with this baby are often simply lying in bed at night. I have time to just be still and feel the baby moving around. I also really love when Lincoln and Adelaide ask to give the baby kisses or feel the baby kick. Occasionally Lincoln has strong opinions on what I can and cannot do because of the baby “No, Mom! Don’t put that on your belly. It will hurt the baby.”  “Mom, you need to eat two cookies so the baby can have one of them.”

Eating: Second trimester I can start eating chocolate + treats again after a few months of having anything besides cheesy carbs + protein salads sounding pretty gross. I haven’t had any weird pregnancy aversions this trimester and have been eating my usual diet with regular nightly snacks of cereal or ice cream.

Feeling: SO pregnant. I know, I know, everyone says that with each subsequent pregnancy you show sooner and your discomfort comes sooner but I didn’t realize how extreme it would be! I feel 2-3 months further along than I did with Adelaide at any given point.

Gender: Announcing it soon! Well, Lincoln + Adelaide will be announcing it soon once I get my act together.

Names: Lincoln has a great list of names for the baby (candy cane, stocking, Santa Clause — can you tell we told him about the baby around Christmas?). We are pretty set on a family middle name but nothing for first names yet. Both Lincoln and Adelaide were nameless their first 36 hours in the hospital so I’m not super worried.

Also, we don’t have a name yet, but if we did I’d probably still say we didn’t have a name. Everyone is more kind + reserved with their opinions about baby names if the baby is already born. Why is that?

Craving: Food. I still get pretty nauseous if I don’t eat regularly. It is particularly bad in the morning. For example, it’s 10 am here and I had two bowls of cereal for breakfast but skipped my regular spinach + cheese omelette with hash browns because I was feeling a bit lazy. The cereal doesn’t cut it and I’m feeling pretty sick right about now.

Weight Gain: I’m on track for my consistent one pound a week I’ve done with both previous pregnancies.

Aches or Pains: Ligament pain is real! I have a lot of ligament pain when rolling over in the night or getting up after sitting for a period of time. I’ve also cut back on a lot at the gym because of it. The lower back pain is starting as well (especially while sitting in the car). No real Braxton Hicks contractions yet although I do enjoy the tightening sensation when I’ve been on my feet too long (or maybe I just enjoy the excuse to sit down and hydrate?).

As everything is expanding my skin has also started to get pretty tight and uncomfortable and I’ve been relying on A LOT of lotion to help ease discomfort.

Maternity Clothes: Since 6-8 weeks! I have a pair of non-maternity jeans I can still wear with a bellaband and I ordered some flowy maxi dresses from Shein that aren’t maternity but other than that, everything in my closet is maternity right now.

My Mood: The pregnancy hormones are still raging and I have to remind myself every couple of days that I am incredibly hormonal. Add in a death in the family, Ben finishing school, so many of our friends moving across the country, and us packing up our little apartment and

Exercise: I’ve been exercising a lot less this trimester. Part of it is the ligament pain, part of it was Adelaide breaking her arm, and part of it is all the things going on. I’m planning on getting back into it during the third trimester because I feel so much better when I’ve moved my body, even if it’s just 10 minutes of an eliptical.

Excited About: Going into labor! I’ve started “Mindful Birthing” and am toying with the idea of an unmedicated labor. I did NOT enjoy birthing babies with Lincoln or Adelaide …. can you be excited for something you’ll likely not like?


outfit details

My dress: NOM Maternity (old) 

My flats: M.Gemi, last year but linked this year’s version

My necklace: Madewell, old

P.S. photos taken at 18 weeks


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