Winterize Your Hair Routine + Dry Scalp Remedies

Are you looking for a great dry scalp remedy? This post is for you! This post on dry scalp remedies is sponsored by Dove. All opinions are my own, just like always. 

Winter is here. And mostly I’m thrilled about it (just ask me again come February).

The problem is, my skin isn’t.

I struggle with pretty dry skin and it is, hands down, the worst in the winter. Anyone else?

Today I’m sharing a few ways to winterize your haircare routine to keep your scalp and hair healthy through these cold + dry months. Whether it’s your skin that gets dry + itchy or your hair that gets dry + brittle, keep reading for tips to keep everything smooth and healthy this winter.

Maybe you’re always itching or scratching. Maybe your skin is always dry and flakey. Maybe you struggle with flakey dandruff on your holiday dresses. Whatever it is, check out this list to find the best dry scalp remedy for you.

Here are five things to fight back this winter –

Dry Scalp Remedies

  1. Skip the scalding showers: I know it’s tempting, now that the temps have plummeted, to take long, hot showers. Not only are these bad for your skin + hair, they’re damaging and drying for your scalp. Try turning down the shower, just a little bit and your hair will thank you.
  2. Feed your head: It shouldn’t come as a surprise that eating foods that fuel your body are great for your hair + scalp, too. Too many sugary foods, too much alcohol, or too much salt can lead to dry scalp or dandruff while omega 3 fatty acids and plenty of water help keep them at bay. Watch more than your waistline when you’re choosing what to eat at the holiday party buffet.
  3. Mind your accessories: Did you know hats can cause hair breakage and further irritate dry scalps? Also be mindful of tight hair bands or other accessories pulling at your hair.
  4. Don’t Scratch! The most tempting thing to do when struggling with a dry scalp is to scratch with your fingernails or a brush. The problem is, this leads to inflammation and only makes its worse. When washing your hair, avid scratching with your nails and instead focus on massaging with your finger tips (this is a great habit to get into, generally, because it stimulates hair growth).
  5. Switch up your products: The most simple fix for dry scalp (or dandruff) is a great shampoo. DoveDerma (have you tried their products yet? they’re a step up from your drugstore beauty brands and has a great line of hair + skin products) released the new one your hair is begging you to try. The 2 in 1 shampoo + conditioner also cuts back on your shower time which means less time in the hot water, a bonus for your skin. You can snag a 41 ounce bottle at BJs for a great price right now and you won’t have to worry about dry scalp or dandruff for the rest of the winter season.

What causes dry scalp?

A dry scalp results when your scalp doesn’t hav enough oil.

This can cause itching, flaking, and irritation. Unfortunately it doesn’t stop there. It can also cause the hair to look dry.

If you have dry skin, you are more prone to dry scalp. It often occurs as the result of a skin condition, like eczema and is exacerbated by cold, dry weather.

You can also get dry scalp from excessive washing,

P.S. I’ve been trying out the Dove DermaCare Scalp Shampoo + Conditioner and love how much healthier my scalp feels! My hair is less itchy + dry, even when going a few days between washes and using dry shampoo. Whether you’re struggling with dandruff or just a dry scalp, go snag a bottle of this at BJs right now. Your hair will thank you.

5 ways to winterize your hair routine and the best shampoo for dry scalp and dandruff

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  1. For the past year after a very stressful issue at work, I have horrible flaking (even touching my hair looks like its snowing!) & itchy scalp. Will the above remedies help the flaking & itching? I have NEVER had issues with this before & its mortifying & embarrassing.