What Being Mormon Looks Like


Last week I shared a post so many of you loved called “What Growing Up Mormon Looked Like.” Because of the response, I decided to do a little follow up piece this week.

In the name of honestly, this post should really be titled “What I Wish being Mormon Looked like” or “What I try to have being mormon look like” because I’m not perfect, Ben and I aren’t perfect, and we have lots of improving to do. But, this is what it generally looks like, in our life, to be mormon, and what I’m aiming for it to look like all the time.

At 6:30 AM its an alarm going off and a husband getting out of bed so he can read scriptures for half an hour before work.

At 7:30 AM it might be a quick prayer together before Ben leaves (while I’m still half asleep)

At 8:00 AM its another quick prayer under the covers and an even quicker one over a bowl of cereal

At 10:43 AM its a silent prayer that I didn’t delete those pictures yet, that an email arrived, or that my computer will run faster.

At 10:59 AM its a silent prayer that my mom will answer the phone, that a package arrived, or that I’ll be able to focus on my homework.

Wow, I didn’t realize how much I pray during the day
until writing this. Think of it an an ongoing conversation
with a loving parent because thats what it is

At lunch its another prayer over the food, with my arms folded, or sometimes with the fork already nearing my mouth.

In the evening its personal and couple scripture study at the desk. Its talking about our day with the Lord while holding hands. Its thinking about our blessings and rededicating ourselves to being better.

When Ben and I were dating one of my very favorite
things was holding hands and listening to him pray. 
There is comfort knowing Ben loves the Lord and for that, 
I consider myself lucky. 

On Mondays its singing a song, reading a conference talk, and an excuse for a treat. * Until last month Monday also meant an email from Caleb – the only communication with my little brother for two years as he served a mission.

On Tuesdays its a women’s walking group in the morning and activity days in the evenings. **

On Wednesdays and Fridays its aerobics in the church gym (and on thursday and saturday mornings its waking up sore). Its also catching up afterwards and supporting each other.

The women in our ward love to get together to exercise.
Never before has being mormon looked like this for me, 
but I love how social, inclusive, and active they are!

On Sundays its three hours of church, lots of inspiration, and plenty of socializing. Its no exercising, no shopping, and plenty of journal writing.

Once a month its skipping breakfast and lunch and donating to the needy. It also hopefully means a trip to the temple (we miss having one five minutes away).

Every paycheck its 10% set aside and given to the bishop. ***

And sometimes this is hard because money isn’t something we
 have a lot of and even 10 % of a little, seems big.  But its worth it
and we are so blessed for it. Ask me how we ended up in Ohio…

In the summer its sweating for a week with a hundred teenage girls and its long shorts. It looks like one piece swim suits and sleeves on shirts.

Every once in awhile its speaking in front of 400 people on Sunday on as little as a weeks notice. Its dropping everything to go teach with the missionaries. Its a ward party, a women’s get together, or a dinner invitation. Its following a little nudge to give someone a call, invite them over, or send them a kind word. Its declining the wine at a company dinner and its leaving the party early when people get a little too crude.

Its always relying on Him for strength, for guidance, and for happiness. Its knowing who you are, why you’re here, and where you came from. Its working towards where you’re going out of gratitude to Him who made it possible.


Its not a Sunday thing. 
Its not a “big part of me” thing.
Its who I am, its who we are, and its who we’ll be.
What we know and what we believe effects (or I hope effects) every decision. It impacts the way we think, the way we behave, and the way we dream. It isn’t something we can compartmentalize into a time of day or a day of the week. 
How does your belief effect your life?
I would love to know 🙂  

*Monday night is family night – you can learn more about it here. Growing up, my mom had three rules for FHE and the last one was that we always had treats…its the only one Ben and I enforce 🙂
**Each person in the congregation is asked to serve in some capacity. Right now, I get to work with the 8-11 year old girls twice a month on Tuesdays putting together fun activities that inspire, strengthen, and instruct. Tonight we’re learning how to make our own chapstick 🙂
***We pay tithing, which is 10% of our increase. 


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  1. Loved this post!! You are so right…it's who I am!

    Oh! And, I'm the Activity Days leader, too. Love those kids!

  2. I agree with the others that these photos are gorgeous! I also like the fact that you posted them in black and white. I never thought about how often I pray in a day until reading your post. I have short prayers for various things all day long and longer prayers in the morning and at night before bed. I also agree that you are lucky to have a guy that is so faithful, but he is just as lucky to have you!

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  3. I find your post really interesting to read. I think it shows more about your religion (unkown for me until last year ) than some academic articles. Although I'm agnostic I really like some aspects of your religion, like the strong community bond, the service, living every day accord to your religion…not only going to a religius building and pasively listen at Sundays. It's something it's not common in the religious communities in my area, and I think it's more authentic and coherent.

  4. My faith is still a mystery, even to me. I studied religion in school (from a secular perspective), so my place is filled with texts on many religions- Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, etc. I even found your blog a few years ago while looking up Mormon bloggers for an essay I was writing! This blog, among others, has inspired me to go church shopping, which is my mission for this year- finding the right fit for me is important.

    Keep writing about your faith please, I find it so interesting.

  5. Dumb and boring…from a goody goody who never had any real temptations or challenges.

    1. I have to agree. Though I don't know if I would say it quite like that. Perhaps its that she's young. Its almost as if she's trying way too hard to make her life seem perfect. I grew up LDS, graduated from seminary, went to church school, got married in the temple and have 3 under 5 with a husband in dental school. I personally have struggled in my life to fight that natural , " man" that so often wants to be free to do as " he" wants. I have struggled and made mistakes …many in my youth. But I always knew that if I were to let that natural man be completely free, I would lead a very unhappy life. Wickedness never was happiness, eh? But I remember girls like this writer and I suppose I envied them for I had a hard time relating to the way they followed every rule to a T. Or maybe they all just put on a great facade?I for one am very grateful for my relationship with my heavanly father and Jesus Christs atonement so that I might be forgiven for my downfalls and I may still lead a life of happiness full of blessings.