Wegmans in Natick: 6 Reasons Mom Should Shop at Wegmans

Today I’m talking all about the new Wegmans in the Natick mall and sharing why all moms should check out Wegmans. This post has been created in partnership with Wegmans but the love for kid-friendly + budget-friendly shopping is all my own.




The kids were not thrilled after sitting in the car for almost an hour on the way back from Grandma’s and we arrived, snackless, right as the kids starting complaining they were hungry.

Not a great start to a grocery shopping trip.

My love for Wegmans

The summer after freshman year of college I flew down to Virginia to spend a week with friends and I hadn’t been in the state for 24 hours before we’d swiped a credit card at Wegmans THREE times.

I didn’t get the hype when my soon-to-be-roommate raved about a grocery store, of all things (I expect moms to rave about grocery stores but college freshmen? not so much). But after we grabbed bulk candy for a movie, some deodorant I forgot to pack, and then had college budget friendly delicious lunch the next day, I understood.

Our trip to Wegmans in Natick

At the end of June we stopped in Natick on our way back from NH to check out the new Wegmans that opened up where J.C. Penney used to be.

It is so neat to see a department store remodeled into a grocery store! There are escalators, lots of open space, and cool industrial design.

It is conveniently located next to lots of parking with special escalators for carts as well as patrons (also the kid’s car carts can’t fit on the escalators – but they have an elevator to navigate through the store if you’re driving one of the kid’s carts we love).

6 Reasons Mom Should Shop at Wegmans

Have you shopped at Wegmans yet? You can check to see if there’s a store near you here.

1. Prices

I usually equate Wegmans to upscale grocery stores with lots of expensive options. And while you can find a great assortment of higher end products (like their cheese counter!) in store, I was also floored by how they beat out all of the other stores we shop at for products we buy regularly. Check out the pictures I snapped below of the price comparisons they show in-store (we visited at the end of June so the price check was just a few days old).


They also had all the Wegman favorites in Family Pack sizes throughout the store with even deeper discounts. So whether you’re looking to save money on favorites or save time on pre-prepped food, they have everything to make family cooking work for you.


If you’re looking to save even more, Wegmans has an easy app that makes shopping in-store a breeze. You can use the app to build your list and find digital coupons tailored to you, but my favorite part is they break your list down by aisle for you, so you never miss something. How convenient is that?

2. Easy Family Meals

Wegmans has so many awesome easy meal options for families. Whether it’s prepped fresh things you just need to pop on the grill or healthy frozen meals you just need to throw in the oven, I was impressed with how many different ways they made meal time easy throughout the store.


Their website also has a lot of easy meal inspiration, like this balanced salmon meal that requires only three products and looks delicious. Check it out for lots of EZ Meal inspiration.


The only thing that would make meals easier, is not having to shop for them at all. Wegmans customers can shop online and have their groceries delivered by instacart which is a lifesaver for moms, especially when you’re living in a city.


3. Covered parking

You know how frustrating it is when you have to go grocery shopping with kids and it’s pouring rain? And you’re completely out of milk so you can’t put it off until the weather clears up? And you’re doomed to get soaked and the kids are either going to get sick or complain or just need a fresh set of clothes when they get back? Not my favorite.


The new Wegmans store in Natick, connected to the Natick Mall has lots of covered parking next to the store. The parking is free (and we had car carts right next to our parking space so I didn’t have to get both children into the store without a cart). There is also a covered bridge taking you from the parking garage into the store so if it’s snowing or raining you don’t have to be outside at any point in your shopping.

4. Meals in store

Wegmans is known for having amazing prepared foods and their instore dining holds up to the reputation. The pizza had some of the best crust I’ve tried, the sushi was tasty, and next time I want to try a burger from their Burger Bar.


There is something for everyone if you’re grabbing lunch at Wegmans (next time we’re shopping at Natick we’ll skip the food court and stop in Wegmans for lunch).


They also have a full service Mexican restaurant (open for dinner right now) called Blue Dalia that we’re dying to try. If the food is as good as the decor, it’ll be delicious.

5. Grab anything else you need at the mall without an additional car seat transfer


A mall isn’t the first place I’d think to go do my grocery shopping but how many times have you gone out for groceries and wished you could also just pick up that gift for a friend or that top you wanted for that event next week? Usually before the grocery trip I’ll plan on swinging by another store on my way home but once I’ve buckled two kids back into the car with all my groceries, I write off any other plans that involve another round of unbuckling and buckling into those carseats.

At the Natick Wegmans you can walk right out the front door and have a whole wonderful mall right at your fingertips (I also hear Natick just re-did their play area and after seeing some friends’ instastories we’re dying to check it out). It makes grabbing a few other things easy OR it makes getting some grocery essentials on your way home from a trip to the mall such a breeze.

6. Kid’s heaven.

There’s an escalator in the store. There’s a little train (like those Christmas trains kids love to watch) running through the store. There are plenty of car carts (is there anything worse than promising your toddler a fun trip to the grocery store only to arrive and not be able to find the beloved car cart?).


And everyone smiled at my kids. You know when you feel a bit like a hot mess? And your kids are crazy? And you can feel that other people are staring, or wishing you’d leave, or wondering why you dragged two kids to the grocery store during lunch + naptime? That place is not Wegmans.


Lincoln has been asking to go back to the “grocery store with an escalator” for a week now so it’s about time we make our next trip.


And when grocery shopping can be sold as an exciting adventure, that is a win.

A few more pictures from the new store! If you’re in the Boston area be sure to check it out!

^all these are easy dinner options – we tried the steak kabobs and a salmon dish and they were both great 

^car carts for thewin 

^so excited about picking out his own candy 

^it’s a coffee shop in the morning and turns into the Burger Bar during lunch – a fast casual restaurant right inside the store! 

^I’ll admit I was skeptical but this pizza was GOOD! Whether it’s lunch in the store or picking up pizza for a party, everyone will drool over this crust, promise. 

^Lincoln was a fan 

^attempting chopsticks and sushi for the first time 

^moving on to eating his pizza with chopsticks             

^meeting the head chef

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  1. We didn’t have Wegman’s where i grew up in NY (it was only on the western side i believe, and I lived in the East!), but everyone I know whose shopped there has always raved about how amazing it is!