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Red Jacket Resort Cape Cod: A Review

Thanks Red Jacket Resorts for making our stay extra-awesome. We all loved partnering with you on this trip to Red Jacket Resort on Cape Cod! 

A Family Trip to Cape Cod

I’m the oldest of four siblings. And the last time we were all together was Lincoln’s first Christmas, two and a half years ago.

One has been living in Hawaii.

Another went off to college.

And one served a mission for our church for the last year and a half in South Korea.

So when we all got to be together as a family down on Cape Cod last month, it was a dream come true.

When Maddie got off her mission a few weeks ago, Caleb flew in and surprised her a few days later. We headed down to the cape to spend two days altogether (minus Ben who needed to be at his internship), before Caleb had to fly back to work.

My mom was trying to find somewhere we could have beach access, a pool, and space to spread out as a family in the evening and come back to during nap time. Three needy generations in this family 😉

Red Jacket Beach Resort checked all of the boxes, and then some.

We drove in on Monday morning so a cozy overcast day on the cape, the kind that makes you want to snuggle up up a beach chair in a sweatshirt with a good book and read for hours.

Our Review: Red Jacket Beach Resort, Cape Cod

We checked into our spot at the Red Jacket Beach Resort, a three bedroom cottage on one side of the property, just a two minute walk from the beach. The resort is made up of an assortment of accomodations with everything from traditional hotel rooms to four bedroom homes with full kitchens. All of them has access to the resort amenities including daily housekeeping and access to all the activities on the grounds.

The kids and I unpacked, riding scooters through the living room while we waited for the rest of my family to arrive. The sun poked through the clouds by the time they got there and so we spent the afternoon between the outdoor kiddie pool and the indoor hot tub. When we were all tired and hungry, we headed home to make dinner in our kitchen and put the kids down for bed. My mom made Chinese Chicken Salad with things she had packed and set out butter to thaw for chocolate chip cookies later that night.

Once the kids were (mostly) asleep, we left Caleb home with them napping and took a sunset walk along the beach. The sisters hung behind while my parents strolled, hand in hand, down the beach.

We finished off the night with a salt water taffy run, chocolate chip cookies, and lots of games around the kitchen table (it was so nice to have space to hang out together once the little ones were asleep!). My parents had their own room to sleep in, the kids and I were together, and the other siblings had their own room as well.

The next morning we had a late + leisurely breakfast a few steps away at the resort restaurant before driving the five minutes to swim in their kiddie pool and check out the swings on the beach. Red Jacket Resorts has four different resorts on Cape Cod and with their reciprocity, you can use the amenities of all of them when you’re staying at any of them.

After naps, we spent the rest of the afternoon at the Red Jacket Beach Resort beach and the kids played in the sand while most of the adults joined in on a game of beach volleyball (after we filmed this video).

The whole trip has me figuring out how I can get all four of us to live in the same place so we don’t have to wait three more years for this to happen again.

The kids and I headed back Tuesday night so we could get Caleb to the airport early Wednesday morning and the rest of the family stayed to soak up a few hours of sandy paradise the next morning.

Which Red Jacket Resort should you stay at?

There are five different Red Jacket properties on Cape Cod and I’ve gotten some questions since sharing on instagram about which one we recommend – here are my thoughts:

Red Jacket Beach Resort (where we stayed):

Great for being on the water and have the option of different types of accommodations. There is a great breakfast buffet along with indoor and outdoor pools.

Riviera Beach Resort + Blue Water:

These two are next to each other, just a mile down the road from Red Jacket Beach Resort. I love that they have rooms that open right to the pool or beach and if we were just getting a hotel room as a family, I’d love to stay here. My kids favorite kiddie pool was here and they have two swings right on the beach which were a big hit.

Green Harbor Resort:

This one is closer to town and is made up of a lot of different family style acomodations. Each apartment/home/room has a kitchen facility and there are lots of outdoor grills you can use. I loved the quiet and community feel of this one and if you’re okay without a restaurant on site, this one is GREAT for families. I love the mini golf in the middle and the playground right on the beach.

Blue Rock:

This is the quiet golf resort about 15 minutes from the beach. It’s great for golfers but it’s also ideal for a family on a budget. It’s tucked away quietly into a little neighborhood and has lower room rates than the beach front hotels. Public beach parking fills up QUICKLY on the cape in the summer and when you stay at Blue Rock you get access to the other Red Jacket Resorts (along with their parking + beaches).

If you have more questions about where to stay or want the best rates, you can always call to book directly with Red Jacket Resorts. When my mom found them for our trip, she called and the helpful woman on the other end of the phone walked her through the options to decide what would work best for our family + budget.

Here are a million more pictures from our two day getaway at Red Jacket Beach Resort (narrowing down images is not my strong suit) :

^the outdoor kiddie pool (Lincoln was fascinated by the mushroom waterfall)

^you can order your lunch and eat it right here at the beach bar with the best view 

^at the Red Jacket Beach Resort, all the houses with red shutters are part of the property 

^these two cute sisters of mine 

^my parents walking on the beach – they’ve been married for almost 30 years! 

^I love this one … after Caleb and I went to college there were four years of just these four at home 


^can you tell we’re related? 

^how gorgeous was this evening? 

^i loved  that they had this clear walls up around the pools to block the wind from the beach

^enjoying breakfast the next morning 

^getting up the courage to go bakc through with grandma

Adelaide and Lincoln doing the poolside life right: 

^siblings playing volleyball (also, beach vacations like this have a MUCH better child/adult ratio) 

^always hard to say goodbyes — but we’ll be back!


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