Week 1 With Lincoln

A few things I want to remember about this first week at home with Lincoln:

  • His cries are almost exclusively reserved for diaper and outfit changes (the latter usually resulting because of some mishap with the former). 
  • He prefers dance parties with Dad to dance parties with Mom (and I love getting to refer to Ben as ‘Dad’). 
  • He loves bath time with Grandma when it involves plenty of back rubs and foot massages (a boy after my own heart). 
  • His wide eyes melt me. He’s getting more alert by the day but even from the beginning he had such bright, wide, baby eyes. 
  • Linc and I have read a lot of poetry during the many hours of feeding – right now we’re working our way through Shakespeare’s sonnets. 
  • We’ve adjusted pretty quickly to this new sleep schedule … and while the hours are all interrupted and often not the best quality, I get more sleep than I expected. 
  • I’m worried my singing is going to ruin his musical ability (his dad has perfect pitch…his mom, not so much), but not enough to stop singing to him.  
  • If it’s been more than a few hours, I miss him (and I feel a bit silly about it). 
And a few more pictures I snapped on Thursday (he’d been officially home one week and was 11 days old): 

^my favorite

^I take pictures of this little guy all.day.long. 

We sure do love you, little Linc 🙂 

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  1. these are so precious! congratulations to you and your husband, such a sweet family!xo, kiely @ pocket of blossoms

  2. He is super duper cute! My daughter does the same forehead wrinkle look and it melts my heart, every time 🙂 I have a 3 week old and I am also very surprised by the amount of sleep I am getting. Granted, we can spend 12 hours in bed at a time, but I am feeling super well rested for the other 12 🙂

  3. That first picture may have just made me want children slightly more! I've been ambivalent about it all my life, but man, that picture.