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Lincoln’s First Walk

Little Linc has been home with us for a whole week now – and he’s already nine days old! I can already see a huge difference in his level of alertness (and his slight loss of that sweet newborn smell). I still have one last baby bump post to share, Linc’s birth story, a few things I learned during pregnancy, my maternity wear essentials, and a couple other things but as of now, the days and nights run together in one long stretch of feeding, burping, and napping. We had my mom here for about a week and that in and of itself was a lifesaver. As I’ve been taking care of this little one, she’s been here taking care of me — and not having to think about cooking or cleaning (and having someone to take the first leg of the night shift) has been a huge blessing.

When we brought Lincoln home from the hospital it was a whole twelve degrees outside so when the temps climbed to almost forty on Monday we took a little stroll around the neighborhood and it felt so wonderful to get out of the house (and wear something other than pajama pants for the first time in a full week). Just a few shots from our walk — these pictures are some of my very favorite because despite the difficulties of the past week, there is so much joy in loving this little newborn (I only wish you could see more of his faces):

^its a whole new kind of love
^our little brown bear

^I could kiss that nose all day – oh wait, I do. 

jacket: c/o (similar here)
blanket scarf: c/o (on sale)
boots: Michael Kors (love these)
denim: Pink Blush Maternity, c/o (real pants are not happening anytime soon)

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  1. Beautiful photos and you look fabulous by the way, glowing, in a way that only love creates 🙂

  2. Congratulations on your little one! He's absolutely handsome!! Thanks for the follow on Twitter. I'm looking forward to reading more from you. Have a beautiful day!

  3. You're beautiful! He's beautiful! what a darling little family you have E!! can't wait to meet him!

  4. He is adorable! He looks just like your husband from the pictures I've seen of the two of you!! What a gorgeous family <3

  5. What lovely photos!! You look fantastic (and SO happy). Cheers to your family!