Final baby bump

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walmart for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Time seemed to stop. I came across a quote on Instagram during my last weeks of pregnancy that expressed the sentiment quite nicely:

“Each month has an average of 30 or 31 days…except the last month of pregnancy which as 1453.”

And so, it wouldn’t be fair to skip over those 1453 days and go right to the birth story (which I’m struggling to put into words at the moment anyway). Here’s my final “bumpdate” and the last set of baby bump pictures I took (three days before baby showed up).

answers from before baby arrived 

Favorite Moments: Having my family here and soaking up the last days of our family of two. I am so excited for this little guy to arrive, but I’m a tiny bit sad for this fun chapter of our lives to come to an end.

Eating: Whatever Ben or my mother cook, along with lots of apples.

Feeling: Tired. Oh so tired. This anemic thing does a number of my energy levels and if I didn’t have a need to get anything done and skipped my iron supplement, I could sleep for a good 18 hours a day.

Gender: Still very much a boy.

Names: We’ve been throwing ideas around a bit more lately and while we aren’t close to being sure about anything, I have two or three I’d be happy with which is a huge improvement. 

Craving: Nothing in particular – but we’ve been enjoying plenty of popcorn and coconut popsicles recently which always sound better to me than ice-cream these days (bizarre for me).

Weight Gain: Almost a full 40 pounds.

Missing Anything: Being able to move without considering this enormous belly of mine. Whether it be getting up off the couch, or rolling over in bed, everything takes a bit more forethought and maneuvering.

Maternity Clothes: Many of them are too small and there are about five pieces on constant repeat. Nothing seems to cover this belly completely.

My Mood: Pregnancy hormones hit with vengeance in the past few weeks. Overall I’m happy and excited, but it is not uncommon for me to just feel a strong need to cry, for no apparent reason (or for a reason I rationally recognize as absurd). For example, the other day we were driving back from the grocery store and I had the thought that if a car pulled out and didn’t see us he might hit my side and kill the baby … and the tears came.



Exercise: Anything to try and get the baby out! I’ve been keeping up with regular squats that are supposed to be great for delivery but this last little bit I’ve tried jumping jacks, bouncing on our exercise ball, and some easy weight exercises.

Excited About: Meeting this baby — and not being pregnant anymore!

Anything left to do: We still have a few things we need to get in order — get more sheets for the bassinet (we’re waiting on a crib for a bit), stock up on a few more diapers***, install the carseat, order a breast pump, and a few other projects around the house I want to have finished up before the baby arrives.


***We’ve only bought/been gifted Pampers® Swaddlers and all my friends swear by them (they’re also the ones they use in our hospital). I love that the little line on the diaper turns from yellow to green so I know for sure it needs to be changed. Diapers were not something that I originally had on my registry but I love that we got so many of them at baby showers (turns out you go through SO many diapers when the baby arrives). I wish I’d had the Walmart checklist when first making a baby list because it makes everything so easy to manage for an expecting mom (who has no idea what she really needs).


For new mom basics, Walmart has a great site here, and I’ve been reading just about every baby thing I can get my hands on these days. 

This post is brought to you by Walmart. All opinions are 100% mine (as are the Pampers Swaddlers Super Pack we’ve picked up for little baby). 
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  1. Haha this is how i'm feeling right about now. But i am so happy that you have your little guy with you now! He is too cute!

  2. You were suoch a rockstar at the end of your pregnancy! congrats on such a sweet and healthy boy!