Adelaide’s is TWO – and toddler gift ideas

I wrote this list of toddler gift ideas a week ago BEFORE Adelaide turned two. She’s officially a two-nager.

This sweet baby of mine turns two this week and it is blowing my mind. It’s cliche, and I hear it from moms all the time. But really, there’s no more babies in our home right now.

It is a little crazy to think that by the time Lincoln was as big as Adelaide is, I’d already had another baby in our family for SEVEN months. Which means I’m quite behind this time around 😉

When we celebrated Adelaide’s birthday early a few weeks ago when my in-laws were visiting, they have her a little doll and baby bottle. She’s been carrying that baby around all the time, insiting on trying to feed it her snacks and make sure it gets to take naps whenever we leave the house (without it). It is so interesting to me the things that our kids have naturally taken an interest in. Until this doll, Adelaide’s toys consisted of blocks, balls, cars, and a few gender neutral puzzles. There was a baby doll in the picture for a few months that someone gave to Lincoln right before Adelaide was born. But whenever we’re out and about it seems like Adelaide gravitates toward the babies, the strollers, and the shopping carts. Lincoln gravitates toward dress-ups (everything from police uniforms to tutus) and vehicles. I can’t wait to see what they’ll both be like five years from now.

I thougt Adelaide’s birthday would be a great time to share a question I get a lot about toddler gift ideas. Here are things we’re thinking about getting Adelaide, gifts we did purchase, or things she’s loving right now that would make excellent presents.

  1. Micro Scooter: We ordered these for the kids as Lincoln’s potty training reward (he asked that Adelaide get one too so we got her one at the same time instead of waiting a few more days to give her hers on her birthday). Read the full review here
  2. Mini Car: She loves pushing this around at the park and the playroom.
  3. Stroller: To carry babies, siblings, or just improve coordination, this is always a winner. Both my kids have loved pushing mini strollers around from 18 months ’till almost four.
  4. Baby doll set: Grandparents got Adelaide one of these for her birthday and it’s been a huge hit!
  5. Magna Tiles: We purchased our first set of these for Lincoln’s second birthday and they are the best toys we’ve ever invested in. We got this large set first and have since added on the train cars. Before Lincoln could build towers with them he’d build roads for this cars. Adelaide loves lining them up and driving trains across them. We build homes for toy animals and castles to knock down. These are worth the investment.
  6. Creamy crayons + notebook: These have been a favorite for a long time here but we just got both kids new notebooks. The creamy crayons are great for early drawers because they don’t have to apply very much pressure to get great colors.
  7. Play food: I love these for imaginative play and increasing hand/eye coordination. We have these three sets (either here or at my parents) and love them all.
    1. this cutting food set 
    2. this cutting fruit set 
    3. this sandwich making set 
  8. Pull along dog: Both kids love taking “the dog” for a walk and it just makes walking around the neighborhood a little more entertaining for them.
  9. Farm Animals  (or these African animals): A sweet friend gifted these to Lincoln when he turned two and both kids still love them. They’re great for imaginative play and learning about animals.
  10. Dress ups: There is something about a costume that lets a kid’s imagination run away. We have some of these at the playroom but would love a few more capes or something for around here.
  11. Play silks :I love how opened ended and versatile these are. We are trying to do more toys that require more imagination and have less structure and I think these are great for fostering imaginative play.
  12. Fort Magic: How neat is this?
  13. Water beads: My kids LOVE these. If your child puts everything in their mouth, I wouldn’t recommend them but there are lots of different ways to play with them and they’re a great sensory activity.
  14. Magnets : These are a tiny bit old for a new two year old to use to their full capacity but we love playing with them in the box and on the fridge.
  15. Construction utensils : If you have a picky eater on your hands, how great would these be?


^it is so fun to see how much this girl loves her dad these days 

15 Best Gift Ideas for Toddlers

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