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Tips for Traveling With Babies

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Traveling with babies is not for the weak. Ben and I have talked a lot about it though and decided the alternative, just not going anywhere, is not acceptable for us. We’ve spent the last couple of weeks with my parents in New Hampshire and I was amazed with just how many bags two tiny humans added to our road trip. The first year and a half with Lincoln he visited four countries + ten states, boarded seventeen flights, and clocked more hours in the car than I’d care to remember.

Tips for Traveling with Babies

A few things we’ve learned along the way:

Be organized:

With 4903 moving parts and a baby that isn’t always super patient, I’ve been forced to make sure our bags are organized and it is easy to find a snack, a pacifier, or a clean outfit at a moment’s notice.

Carry plastic bags:

I started stashing ziplocks (or plastic grocery bags when I didn’t have any gallon ziplock bags) and they have been lifesavers. Whether it’s a blowout, a leaking bottle, or a shirt covered in applesauce, it’s saved me from throwing away an outfit or two while traveling.

Keep wipes within reach:

Because they’re 99.9% water they’re just as great for cleaning up messes on the go as they are for diaper changes (and since switching Lincoln hasn’t had another diaper rash). I like using them for dirty hands because after meals and runny noses because they don’t contain any chemicals so they don’t dry out my babies’ skin.

Stay in places with large bathrooms:

It totally depends on the child but both my babies sleep SO much better in their own rooms. We aren’t excited about shelling out money for an extra room so we’d often book hotels/apartments that had bathrooms large enough to fit a pack n play. If often meant we were using the bathroom in the lobby before bed but it meant Lincoln could sleep in a dark room.

A portable noise machine is your friend:

We’ve had our kids sleep with white noise since very early on (it took us a few weeks to do it with Lincoln but we started right away with Adelaide) and it is SO helpful! Not only does it help block out noise when you’re somewhere besides your home, but the familiar sound cues sleep and communicates that it’s bedtime. Keeping as much of the routine as possible on the go is so helpful. We use a white noise app that we have on all our phones/ipad so if we’re out and about and I need a baby to take a nap I’ll put them in the carrier or their carseat, block out the light, and turn on the familiar sounds of rain.

Document it:

The first bit of motherhood goes by so far (the longest, most sleep deprived kind of fast). I’m so grateful for the extra time I took to photograph + write down some of our favorite memories from these months where they are going and changing faster than they ever will. I may be more tired than I ever have been, but there is more joy in my life than I thought possible.



traveling with a baby soon? check out these tips and tricks that will make your life (and theirs!) so much easier.

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