The Golden State

We made it to California!

Lincoln was just a dream baby to fly with yesterday. He was a bit exhausting, but with no crying + no outfit changes, we chalked the day up to a tiring success. We spent today being uplifted and inspired by General Conference and I particularly loved the messages about motherhood and obedience (separate messages). These inspired words of encouragement to mothers had me in tears + I have resolved to be more committed to doing the things I know to be right (they also happen to be the things that bring me happiness, peace, and comfort).

These pictures are from our last trip to California in November (when I was quite pregnant and thought the zumba class I went to with my MIL might send me into early labor) but you can find more this week over on Instagram + Snapchat (my new favorite social media site…#lifeunfiltered). I have a a few fall recipes to share this week but mostly I’ll be soaking up time in the sun with family and eating plenty of salmon.

Have a wonderful week!
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  1. I'm dying to go to California someday, it really is so beautiful! Have a great trip!