The 4 Strand Braid + Fall

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It finally feels like fall around here! Just in time for it to be winter. And then far too long ’till it’s spring.

But hey, I’ll take any excuse to pick up a few new items for my closet or update my style.

Last summer I made the goal of learning how to dutch braid my own hair. It took a bit of practice, and I still haven’t quite figured out how to get my fingers to cooperate for a full crown braid, but I the side dutch braid has become a staple hairstyle for me. Mostly, because I do not have time to wash my hair these days (okay, I do have time, I would just rather be sleeping, or tickling Adelaide, oreating ice cream, or editing pictures of Lincoln) but also because, in comparison curling my hair, I get a put together look in SO much less time.

I took this Seasons of Style quiz for a little fall hair inspiration and it must be spot on because they suggested I try the side braid (based on how much time I have to get ready, my general style, etc). What I didn’t catch right away was that they suggested a FOUR STRAND braid. Mind blown. And thoroughly intimidated.

But, guys, it was so much easier than I thought. And it took a few tries to get it to look good, but it came MUCH faster than dutch braiding or french braiding. Anyway, scroll down for the simple steps and all the products I used to get the look:


^I washed my hair with TRESemmé Moisture Rich Vitamin E Shampoo and Conditioner. Then, for a bit more volume than letting it air dry, I applied TRESemmé Instant Heat Styling Spray and blow dried my hair (my sisters and I have been using this heat protectant for years). Then, I added a bit of dry shampoo so my hair wasn’t so silky and would hold the braid better – this also works super well if you’re on day two, three, or four hair because the buildup gives your hair better grip. 

4-strand-side-braid-2437 To get the look:

Create a part to separate hair into two sections. Separate each section in two again. Starting with the far left, cross underneath the next section, then over the third second, then under the fourth. Continue with each “new” far left section until braided and secure with clear elastic. Finish by spraying TRESemme® 2 Extra Hold Hair Spray.

A few helpful tips:

  1. I used tiny clear elastics to secure each of the four sections of hair at the very bottom. This way it was easy to keep them separated and really helped the first few times. I just removed the elastics after the braid was finished and secured with a bigger rubber band.
  2. I always have flyaways so I used a bit of argan oil on my braid after it was finished to calm them down a little bit.

this four strand braid is so much easier than it looks! perfect for days you don't have time to wash your hair

This post was created in paid partnership with Mirium Shopper. 

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