Swimsuits in February + A Pledge


This post was created in collaboration with Target but all swim suit insecurities + fun vacation plans are my own 😉 

I’m doing a little happy dance over here because we just booked our tickets for a little (big!) last hurrah before baby girl gets here. It’ll involve some of our best friends, great food, incredible places, and a lot of gorgeous beach. By then I’ll be a solid 7 months pregnant and potentially not thrilled about living in a swim suit for a week. Last time around I didn’t love being in a swim suit even at two months pregnant. But guys, you only live once and I’m reminded of my great grandfather’s saying (who knows where it originally came from):

“You’d care far less about what others thought about you if you realized how seldom they did” 

Its true though, isn’t it? Think about how a friend looked the last time you saw them – or a a stranger. How much do you actually remember? Did it even matter? Chances are, they were thinking about themselves + their insecurities far more than you noticed. It’s like when I first found out I was pregnant and felt HUGE and no one else could even tell.

And so I couldn’t resist picking up these suits at Target last week (don’t even get me started on all of the cute options) – one of them will be great throughout pregnancy and the other will be ideal for the rest of the summer when I’m having fun being a new mom (a new second-time mom? a mom to a new baby? I’m not sure how to say that) and not worrying about the baby weight quite yet. Because life is too short not to get in the pool (or the ocean, or the hot tub ;).

P.S. I wasn’t thrilled about the idea of photographing myself in a swim suit at 4 months pregnant (or anytime for that matter), but here’s to hoping some of you are inspired to rock your suit in the next few months with less of those same thoughts.

With a Spanish beach on the horizon + a summer of first real swim experiences for Lincoln, I’m embracing the #NOFOMO campaign with Target, will you? 

And just to prove Target’s selection is awesome this year – here are few of my favorite one pieces (and a few tankinis) from the collection, including what I’m wearing here: 




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  1. When I was pregnant, I was so concerned what others thought. Now I regret that because now I am having trouble getting pregnant again. You look great and walk the beach in confidence. Hey, I have even seen a lot of women walking around with a bare 8 month pregnant belly, in a bikini. Now thats confidence. And that is great.