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Stripes, Hearts, and a Happy List

Nothing but a happy list for tonight as we come to the close of a wonderful and simple weekend.

  • Benjamin. I’m always thankful for him, but after a few crazy weeks of traveling and busyness, having a weekend to reconnect reminded me just how much I appreciate this man.
**I also appreciated him this week when I cut my foot open at 2 in the morning. The perils of having a cluttered path to the bathroom. And the frustration of not having unpacked the bandaids (at least we had neosporin and could improvise with a napkin and medical tape). 
  • Onions and candles. I love to eat onions (cooked mostly, but I’ve been known to eat them raw) but not the way they make this apartment smell. And so I also love candles – especially large pine scented ones that cost $3 at goodwill and banish the scent of onions long after dinner has been eaten. 
  • Afternoon naps. On the weekends I let myself make up for the frequent nighttime interruptions with long naps on drowsy afternoons. 
  • An end in sight. We’ve been living in a temporary apartment with only half our stuff unpacked for the past four months and there is finally an end in sight. I can’t wait to live in a place with no packing boxes in site. 
  • Friends with perspective (and going along with that – friends from whom distance doesn’t matter). I am grateful for people who inspire me with their goodness, who make me want to be better. 
  • Struggles. This week I was blessed with the wonderful opportunity to reflect back on a particularly ‘unfun’ time in life and be grateful for it because of the empathy and understanding it afforded me. It’s hard to be thankful for struggles while I’m in them, and sometimes afterwards I’m not so good at seeing the point, and so I’m especially grateful for the reminder that often they are there to strengthen us into the people we can become. If life were always easy, how would we grow? 

and a few fall pictures:

^flowy maternity tops that look like something I’d wear pre-baby are an A+ in my book

^My mother built this swing in the summer of 2011 for our wedding reception and I love reminiscing in this part of the yard we call the “secret garden”

^so yes, I should have ironed this trench but I was traveling so cut me some slack — I’m loving the hearts though 🙂 

^this about sums up the way I feel about New England in the fall and all the exciting things that are coming up for us in the next three months — both seem a little bit like a fairy tale at times (one with plenty of back pain, penny pinching, and planning involved). 

outfit details:
shirt: c/o Pink Blush Maternity (sold out but available in black and white!)
denim: c/o Pink Blush  Maternity (the full panel on these is awesome)
trench: c/o Sheinside (I just ordered a size up so I can wear it for the rest of this pregnancy)
boots: c/o Oasap (sold out, similar here for under $40)
headband: Banana Republic (similar)

**photos shot in my front yard in New Hampshire (well, I guess it’s my parent’s front yard – but I can still call it mine, right?)

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  1. Aw I love those photos, especially the last one 🙂 And I can totally relate when it comes to onions; they're such a magical cooking ingredient (and in practically every recipe) but after you're done eating, the smell has got to go!

    <3 Daisy | Simplicity Relished

  2. Ooh, your parents yard is gorgeous! As are you, and this darling outfit. Love the boots, and that coat!!!