Silhouette Eyewear: An Eyewear Refresh

Today we’re talking all about Silhouette eyewear in this unsponsored review of Silhouette glasses. This post may contain affiliate links.

Silhouette Eyewear: An Eyewear Refresh by popular Boston lifestyle blogger Elisabeth McKngiht


It was time for a little eyewear upgrade over here!

Gone are the days of back to school eye doctor appointments and new lenses – if only I still had a mother to make sure I stayed on top of things like this.

Have you been putting off getting new glasses? Me, too, me too. But I finally did and how fun are these new frames from Silhouette eyewear?

Silhouette company background:

Silhouette is an Austrian company that is leading in the industry is lightweight, stylish lenses and frames. They’re new to me but Silhouette eyewear’s icon frame is worn by 10 million worldwide so, they aren’t new to the game.

For me, glasses are first and foremost about function so I was excited about this idea of lighter weight lenses and with my HEAVY prescription, they’re still noticeably lighter than my previous frames. Win.

I’ve been wearing glasses since I was in kindergarten and I always loved the thrill of picking out new frames at the start of each school year (or every other school year? I can’t really remember). I loved statement glasses with unique details like gem stones, curved sides, and patterns… but I also wanted something that would go with everything (a lot for a seven year old to think about). I’m so glad my mom made picking out glasses such a fun part of back-to-school – something I was always excited to own and excited to wear.

If my seven year old self had these Silhouette eyewear, I would have been thrilled. These fun rimless frames add a clean modern feel to any look, without detracting from your face. The lenses actually have a very slight pink tint which adds the look of makeup (but look closely, would you even guess?).

What I love about Silhouette Glasses:

With the Silhouette Inspire collection, like most of their other collections, you can customize your lens shape and tint for a minimalist look that is as chic as it is functional. Choose between bold angles and statement shapes – and then forget you’re even wearing glasses because they’re so lightweight (until your toddler tries to borrow them from off your face).

I love how unique their frames are. These are easily my most complimented pair of glasses in years.

Silhouette Glasses FAQ:

Who sells Silhouette glasses? Who carries Silhouette glasses near me?

You can buy Silhouette sunglasses and prescription eyewear directly from their store online here. You can also use their retailer search to find an authorized retailer of Silhouette glasses near you. Click here.

Why are Silhouette glasses so expensive?

Silhouette prescription glasses are more than just a pair of glasses. They’re a high quality and stylish accessory that make a statement. Truly the marriage of style and function.

Are Silhouette glasses good quality? Are they durable?

I have loved mine! They hold up very well and I’ve worn them for a year and a half with no issues.

Are Silhouette glasses in style?

These unique frames are fashion forward and Silhouette are always releasing new, updated, trendy styles.

For all of my glasses wearers, how often do you update your lenses and frames? Do you also own some Silhouette eyewear?

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