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Poppy and Dot Review

Today we’re talking about the dress shop Poppy and Dot and whether or not you should spend your time and dollars on their site. This post is not sponsored and may contain affiliate links. 


Happy Wednesday sweet friend!

I am sitting here in the middle of chaos with 36 hours until movers show up.

And I’ve concluded that packing is not that hard and playing with children is not that hard, but trying to do both of them simultaneously is near impossible.

So, I have a summer floral number for you today (while I sit here in yoga pants and day 4 hair), complete with flutter sleeves and the ideal length for chasing babies (not too long that it gets in the way but long enough that you don’t need to worry about bending over or getting down on the floor).

Where has Poppy and Dot been all my life? This is such a great site to find cute dresses that work for the day-to-day and special events. 


Highs and Lows of Motherhood Lately

**Right now Lincoln is two and a half and Adelaide is almost one.

  • Lincoln found out I was headed out for a last girls night with friends here in Ohio before we move and his immediate response was, “Oh! Wincoln pwease come wif you too mommy, pwease. Wincoln come too pwease.” Not only are we getting “pwease” without prompting these days, but often if we’re getting one, we’re getting two or three 😛
  • Adelaide and Lincoln discovered the game of chase. Lincoln always wins but based on her giggles, you might think otherwise.
  • I dared go to the bathroom for .2 seconds and rushed out to Adelaide screaming and Lincoln sitting on her head. HER HEAD.
  • The roses + unknown purple flowers in front of our porch bloomed and Lincoln loves to tell me how pretty they are and how good they smell.
  • Lincoln has figured out how to push the umbrella stroller and insists on taking Adelaide on walks by himself (I can tag along, but CANNOT touch the stroller).
  • I can’t remember what the meal was, but Lincoln turned to me while eating and said “tank you dis dinner mommy. it dewicious. it super duper super DUPER yummy!” (and now I’m hoping Ben remembers what it was because I should obvious make it more often)
  • We packed until late last night and when Adelaide woke up this morning I brought her to my room, put her on the floor, handed her my phone, and crawled back into bed for 20 minutes until Lincoln woke up. When Lincoln was that age he he’d had about 20 minutes of screen time total.
  • Each time I’ve gotten Lincoln from his crib the last few days his first words are “see Daddy.” <insert eye roll> I’m glad this boy loves his dad so much… and even more glad that today is Ben’s last shift ’till school starts in August.


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