Outdoor fun + Boppy Diaper Bag Review

We’re having another glorious seventy degree day today and sunshine does wonders for this mama’s mood. I took Linc on one of his first real “outdoor” adventures where he didn’t need to be bundled up in his huge bear suit the other day….and I think he liked it 🙂

I brought along our new Boppy diaper bag because you never know what you’re going to experience outside. I have quite a few diaper bags right now but for all our spring and summer outdoor activities, the Boppy is my favorite. I love that not only is the inside washable, the outside can be wiped down too. No more worrying about putting the designer bag on the ground at the park ruining it when out and about. There are seemingly endless pockets inside and it comes with all the right inserts (changing pad, wipe case, bottle bag, etc). There is even a clip/flap where you can bring along your Boppy pillow (and if you don’t know what that is and you have a baby, just get one and thank me later).

It would be perfect for a spring baby shower for those mamas-to-be and they have a few fun prints available. Also, I was just looking online and saw their diaper clutch which is awesome — because sometimes you don’t want to cart around a whole bag (or in my case when I need to walk out of a church meeting to change his diaper I’d much rather just carry a small clutch).

^note: bag is not intended as a baby carrier ..but just look at that concerned little face 🙂 

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  1. That bag is super cute! I was at the park once with my baby and two year old and forgot the baby carrier and thought, "man it would be so much easier if I could just put the baby in the diaper bag right now"… unfortunately she's much too big 😉

  2. Any mom who does not know Boppy has been short-changed in life! 😉 These are great photos of you and Linc! Was Ben along for the outing, or did you set up a tripod?

    1. Ben snapped these – I have yet to master the self timer with the baby (and we need to purchase a tripod … its on the list 🙂