Mini Toddler Review: The Amazon Set

Mini Kids Review: Baby + Toddler Amazon Set

I snagged this set on sale from Amazon for $5 on a flash sale last summer. How well could a $5 set really be? I mean, it looks cute but how would the fabric feel after a few washes? Would the color fade? Would the seams start to fray?

Here’s how it stacks up:

First impressions: 

I loved this right out of the package. It reminds me of something I’d buy for the boys at Zara for 5 times the price.


I ordered a 24 months and it has a forgiving fit. Westley is wearing it in these pictures when he was wearing 18 and 24 month clothing and he’s still wearing it this spring when he’s in 2T (and some 3T) clothing. Order your child’s regular size (but if they’re a 2T or 3T, don’t feel like you cant get the 2T or 24-30 month size).


The fabric on this is soft with a lot of stretch. It is very comfortable and super easy to put on. Westley has been wearing his set for almost a year (in California we don’t really have to put away the shorts for winter) and I bought a second set when I realized how often we were wearing it.

I love that it is as comfortable as his pajamas but looks like I got my kid dressed. I also love how stretchy the fabric is which means he isn’t restricted at all when climbing and playing.


Highly recommend this set! It looks like the price has gone up to $10 since I bought my two mint sets and for that price it is still worth it. I actually just bought it in grey for Westley at the new $10 price because we get so much use out of the ones we already have.

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