Is Merit Makeup Worth it? 2 products that are

Is Merit makeup worth it? Let’s talk about it! After a year of using the foundation, here is my honest Merit Makeup review. This post may contain affiliate links.

Okay, let’s talk about Merit makeup.

A few years ago I started noticing that traditional foundation just didn’t look very good on me. I gravitated toward a bb cream or cc cream because everything else just looked cakey. Was I doing something wrong? Was it my skin?

When I first got the recommendation for Merit beauty products for large pours, I was intrigued. Would this foundation really work for my skin? A year into it, I’m ready to talk!

I’ve been using the products from this clean beauty brand on and off for the last year and have a lot of thoughts.

For some background, I have combination skin. I do NOT have small pores. Most of the time I just wear a bb cream or cc cream (Complexion Rescue from Bare Minerals is my absolute favorite). Regular foundation tends to look cakey on my skin. I have some rosacea and lots of sunspots. I’m also 33.

What Makes Merit Different

For my first order, I ordered “The Prep Set” from Merit which includes their foundation, the foundation stick, and their skin serum.

Next on my list to try is the cream blush which I’ve heard great things about (but I haven’t finished my favorite glossier blush yet)

My Merit Review: What I Love About Merit Makeup

After a full year of using Merit makeup, here’s what I love:

  • the buildable coverage
  • how it works with larger pores
  • the color options
  • the packaging: everything came tied up in the cutest little corduroy makeup bag

I really love this makeup for a full-coverage look. I have a pretty uneven skin tone (with lots of red undertones and some rosacea). This makeup gives me the best coverage. It even works on my dark circles after sleepless newborn nights.

It is buildable formula so you could do less for “barely there” minimalist makeup looks.

I choose to use it only for full makeup days / events and wear a lower maintenance cc cream with SPF for my daily wear. If you want more coverage on a daily basis, I would absolutely recommend this.

Merit Makeup Before and After

Here are a few photos of my skin while putting on the Merit makeup. You can see how I put it on and what it looks like after it is blended. I always start with the Good Skin Serum!

  • Step 1: Draw on foundation
  • Step 2: Blend
  • Step 3: Finish with bronzer and blush (no blush or bronzer added in the third picture below)

What I Don’t Love About Merit’s Makeup

I don’t have unusually dry skin but I need a good moisturizer and a setting spray when I wear these products. If I don’t, the makeup looks cakey after a few hours.

This product isn’t specific to Merit makeup. I have the same problem with almost every foundation.

Is Merit Worth it? Will I Buy It Again?

I think so! I really like the Merit products and they work well for me. Because I don’t use them for every day so they last a long time. Next, I want to try their blush and tinted lip oil (maybe a great Dior dupe?).

I do think Merit is a really great product. If you struggle with pore size and makeup looking cakey, try this! It is great for full-coverage makeup.

Here are a few things on my Merit wishlist:

P.S. Don’t forget to finish off your new look with one of my favorite Dime Beauty’s perfumes.


Merit Makeup FAQ

Where to buy Merit Makeup?

You can order directly from Merit’s site or shop their products at Sephora (instore and online).

Is Merit Makeup clean?

Merit is a clean beauty brand. They use ingredients that are non-toxic, whether they’re natural or made in a lab. Clean beauty has no strict definition, but MERIT follows the Clean at Sephora and EU standards. They also make sure to skip the artificial fragrances in their products.

I have slowly been switching out my beauty and skincare products to clean beauty products.

Is Merit makeup good for all skin types?

I only have my skin so I can’t answer this question for everyone but, based on my personal experience, I would recommend Merit foundation to anyone with combination or oily skin. If you have really dry skin, I’m not sure this will work for you.

About Merit the brand:

Founded with a vision of offering clean and minimalist beauty products, Merit’s journey began with the aim to simplify makeup routines and promote a more natural approach to beauty. Launched in 2020 by Katherine Power, a seasoned entrepreneur in the beauty and fashion industry, Merit quickly gained attention for its focus on non-toxic, high-quality ingredients and chic, eco-friendly packaging. Merit caters to those seeking a simpler, more sustainable, and clean approach to cosmetics.

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