Clean Beauty

Slowly making the switch

I’ve started my transition to clean beauty because, as I learn more about product ingredients, I’m increasingly committed to making healthier choices for my skin and overall well-being.

Join me on the hunt for the best clean beauty products?

Favorite Brands

I’m Elisabeth!

Lover of lotions and potions

I get a lot of joy out of a beautifully packaged products. I am happiest while wearing a great perfume. I find a long skincare routine in a clean bathroom with a massage candle lit a relaxing way to end the day.

All my clean beauty product recs come with our 100 HOUR GUARANTEE. Everything we recommend with it has been worn, used, or tested for 100 hours.


I have been on the hunt to find the best aluminum-free deodorant! Here’s the quick run-down so far:

  • Lume: The Most Effective
  • Native: A Solid Choice (best all-around)
  • Curie: My Personal Favorite
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