Curie Deodorant Review

Today we’re talking all about a fantastic aluminum-free deodorant in this honest Curie deodorant review. This post may contain affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

Are you thinking about making the switch to aluminum-free deodorant? I switched over to aluminum-free deodorant earlier this year. When I started, I used Lume deodorant and then tried Native. On the hunt to find the best aluminum-free deodorant, I came across Curie.

I wanted to love this brand from the get-go. Their branding is fun. Their messaging is spot on. The packing and scents make me happy. You can buy a few products in-store at Anthropologie which is saying something. It is also a woman-founded company (more about the company at the end of the post).

But, even if great branding is enough to get me to make an initial purchase, it comes down to whether or not the natural deodorant works, right?

To put it to the test, I’m comparing it to the Native solid deodorant sticks. Curie has a few different products and I’ll talk about those at the end but my most used product is the standard deodorant stick.

Here’s how it stacks up:

Curie vs Native pit test:

I tested the Curie stick vs the Native stick for 1 week. Each day I alternated which armpit I used each brand in. At the end of the day, I smelled each armpit and determined which one smelled better. At this point I have been using aluminium-free deodorant for months and there wasn’t a big adjustment period. I had also been using Curie deodorant before this test and liking it but wanted to know how it really compared. Here are the results:

  • Day 1: No rigorous exercise and both pits smelled just like the deodorant scent.
  • Day 2: I had an evening workout class and there was a slight body odor in the Curie pit.
  • Day 3: No rigorous exercise and no body odor from either pit
  • Day 4: I reapplied before a light workout and there was no body odor in either pit.
  • Day 5: 24 hours after application and there was no substantial difference between the two.
  • Day 6: I exercised in the evening and forgot to check. The next morning I could smell no body odor in either arm pit but only the armpit with the Curie deodorant held any scent (the Native deodorant smell had worn off).

Conclusion: Curie is on par with Native deodorant. I can’t tell a difference in efficacy.

You may want to reapply before a workout or event later in the day.

If you’re curious, I also tested Native vs Lume to figure out which was a better deodorant. Spoiler: Lume has worse scent options but works a bit better.

What I love about Curie Deodorant:

I love the scent profiles and scent options that Curie offers. They are elevated, interesting, and just fun to wear. They are subtle so you can still easily wear perfume without it clashing. If Native deodorant is your Bath and Body Works body spray, Curie is your fine French perfume.

Best Curie scents:

My favorite scent is the Orange Neroli but you really can’t go wrong. I haven’t disliked any of them so far. They are all fresh, light, subtle, and ….clean.

Every single one of them smells better than the best Lume deodorant scents.

Here are my favorite Curie scents in order of preference:

  1. Orange Neroli: This is my very favorite. It is a fresh, elevated citrus scent.
  2. Grapefruit Cassis: I like this light, subtle citrus scent.
  3. Coconut Nectar: This is a subtle fresh coconut scent that isn’t very sweet.
  4. White Tea: This is another very subtle but interesting scent. It would mix well with any perfume.
  5. Juniper Eucalyptus: I haven’t tried this one but don’t love Eucalyptus because it reminds me of having a cold (we have diffused too much Eucalyptus to help clear sinuses)
  6. Unscented: I haven’t tried this but, for me, this would defeat the purpose of buying a Curie deodorant. They stand out with their fantastic scents.

What I don’t love about Curie Deodorant:

I find that Native and Lume aluminum-free deodorants both go on a bit more smoothly than the Curie deodorant. The Curie stick doesn’t glide on your underarms as easily. The consistency seems a bit drier.

Other Curie products I’ve tried:

  • Clay Armpit Detox Mask: Did you know that when you switch to an aluminum-free deodorant you often smell WORSE for a few weeks while your body sheds all the existing aluminum in your armpits? This detox mask helps pull the aluminum out and speed up this process. I wish I’d had this when I initially made the switch. At the 2 week point in my natural deodorant journey, I used this clay mask on my armpits to help speed up the process and it worked for me.
  • Deodorant and Body Spray: I don’t use this one. It is still sitting on my counter. This is my commitment to try it this week and get back to you.

A bit about Curie Deodorant

Curie Deodorant, founded by Sarah Moret, was born from her quest for a natural deodorant that could keep up with her active lifestyle. In 2018, she took matters into her own hands and launched the company to offer effective, chemical-free deodorants, with scents inspired by the great outdoors. Curie quickly gained popularity for its commitment to clean and eco-friendly personal care. Fun fact: Sarah went on Shark Tank after spending all day hiking and without time to take a shower. She let investors smell her to show that the deodorant actually worked.

Will I buy Curie Deodorant again?

Maybe. I love the scents. I like the branding. It doesn’t work any better for me than Native deodorant (which is easier to purchase at Target).

If you sweat a lot and body odor is a big issue, I would consider something stronger like Lume deodorant. If your standard Dove stick works fine for you but you are looking for an aluminum-free natural deodorant, I think you’ll like Curie. Finally, if you love supporting women-owned businesses, appreciate good branding, and want elevated scents, I think you’ll LOVE Curie.

Curie Deodorant FAQ

Where can I buy Curie deodorant?

You can purchase Curie deodorant online on their site and a few other retailers. Here is a list for you:

1. Curie’s site
2. Anthropologie
3. Amazon

Does Curie deodorant work?

Yes, but it takes a second. Your body needs a detox period to get rid of the aluminum in your current deodorant (if you’re switching from a traditional deodorant). You can speed up this process with the Curie detox mask (highly recommend).

Once your pits have adjusted, Curie is a great deodorant I wear regularly.

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