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Memorial Day + a 37 week Bumpdate

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Memorial day weekend really felt like a last ode to being a family of three. We got a good amount done to prepare for baby, but for almost all of Monday we set aside the to-do lists and really soaked up these last moments when Lincoln can be the center of our lives.
He is growing into such a fun and fascinating little man and it is so neat for Ben and me to watch him discover new things. For example, this week he really learned how to say the word “car” and his face just lights up whenever he finds a car on the page of a book we’re reading (“Green Eggs and Ham” has really become “car!” “car!” “car!”.
I’ve also been quite awful at real bumpdates this pregnancy (last time around I shared them at least every month) – so I thought I’d steal the template from a pregnancy with Lincoln and take a moment to document life with this baby girl inside for one of the last times!
37.5 week bumpdate:

Favorite Moments: Chatting with Lincoln about the baby. If you ask him where the baby is, he’ll point to my stomach and then try and come give it a kiss. Also, if he ever sees my exposed stomach, he’ll drop what he’s doing to come give it a hug and chat excitedly with it (unless we’re at a doctors appointment, then he behaves like the OB trying to listen to the heartbeat is trying to kill me or something).

Eating: Pretzel Crisps and coconut popsicles. We bought a two pound bag of pretzel crisps at Costco on Saturday and they’re more than 2/3 gone. I’ve also been eating the pretzels with lots of apples – at least one or two a day.

Feeling: Ready to be done being pregnant. This whole pregnancy I said I wanted the baby to be a bit late because babies are lower maintenance on the inside than on the outside (it is much easier to wake up to go to the bathroom three times a night and go right back to sleep than wake up to feed and change a crying newborn the same number of times), but really, I’m over this pregnancy business. There’s still a bit I’d like to get done before she arrives but I’m also eager to get adjusted to life as the mother of two.

Gender: Still a girl.

Names: We actually haven’t talked about names in awhile and don’t even have a short list like we did around this time with Lincoln. Who knows – maybe we’ll just wait till we see her.

Craving: I said I’ve been eating so many pretzels and I really love salty things these days. I did have a big craving for Panera chocolate cookies this weekend but I’m pretty sure that has nothing to do with being pregnant (and we tweaked a few copycat recipes and made some really delicious treats on memorial day!).

Weight Gain: I’ve pretty consistently gained a pound a week, so I’m about 37 pounds up from my pre-pregnancy weight. The funniest though, is that Ben and I are within 2 or 3 pounds of each other and I just laughed looking at the two of us in the mirror at the gym the other day. Who knew 150 pounds could look so different 😉

Aches or Pains: So much ligament pain. Whenever I get up after sitting for awhile or get out of bed, I limp for at least 30 seconds until the pain goes down. I actually just got a support band tonight so I’m hoping that helps through these last few weeks but the doctor says its because I’ve gained all my weight in my “torpedo belly” (her words, not mine) and its putting a lot of strain on those lower abdominal ligaments.

Maternity Clothes: Since 6 weeks. Actually, at this point the majority of my maternity clothes don’t fit anymore. I have a handful of tops that go all the way over my belly and I mostly live in maternity workout pants.

My Mood: Sometimes I get a bit overwhelmed when I think about bringing home another tiny life (and not overwhelmed with joy, just overwhelmed). But this weekend, as I was getting worked up about how I was going to be a kind mother to Lincoln on three hour increments of sleep after having my body torn open by another little baby all with a husband who is about to start working some insane hours in the next few weeks, I felt a strong sense of strength and peace. It was a reassurance that this will be incredibly difficult, but that I will be able to do it. Add to that the wonderful day we had as a family on Monday and I am feeling pretty in love with this life of ours.

Exercise: After six days in a row last week, my body was grateful for Sunday and Monday off. But I was back at it today and it is really neat to simultaneously feel my body deteriorating and getting stronger (some things I just can’t do anymore, but my arms and legs are in much better shape now than they were before I got pregnant and I can’t wait to begin post partum workouts!).

Excited About: Going into labor! It sounds bizarre but I was induced with Lincoln so I didn’t get to fully experience what its like to have your body realize it is time to have a baby and I’m pretty thrilled for that.


P.S. Thanks for all your kind words and support this pregnancy on instagram – I’ve shared more updates on there this time around and I love the connection + support its brought.

P.S. Lincoln’s outfit is all from NEXT, an awesome (and inexpensive) store we found in the UK. We picked up quite a few pieces because Ben and I loved them so much. Oh, except his shoes which are from Pediped (another UK company we really love).

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  1. Glad you had a great weekend! It's so fun that you mention Next clothing… I just wrote about them on my blog last week and ordered some things for my nieces. A British Mum in our play group introduced me to their stuff and It's fantastic!

  2. Yes Next is a great shop. Lots of my clothes are from there and now we have our baby and know she is a girl I will have to avoid it for a while or I will be in danger of going a bit crazy.