Lisbon Travel Diary: Pt 2

I’m back with the second part of our time in Lisbon (Days 1 & 2 here) last month and while I’d much rather be in the hospital having a baby right now, looking through these pictures has me back dreaming of the gorgeous views and mouth-watering food.

After a very long and busy second day, we took the next morning a bit slower. We were staying in the funkiest little apartment right below the Castle of St. George (Sao Jorge Castle) so after breakfast we packed up Lincoln and the camera and walked up the steep hill for a little self-guided tour. We were surprised to find out the castle is just ruins (not that we minded at all, after a full castle experience at Sintra the day before) and were blown away by the view of the city. The day (well, the morning), in pictures:

or you can scroll to the bottom for a summary of our recommendations from the day

^After spending most of Monday in his carrier, this boy was just so happy to run around the castle grounds (and his sister makes a nice little seat for him, don’t you think? 🙂
^But really, the best views of Lisbon! 
^You can tell, not thrilled to be back in that carrier 
^As if the hills to get to the castle aren’t enough, we walked up SO many steep little stair cases 
^I was just glad none of us fell off 
^A baby wearing husband – his baby was a bit heavier than the one I had to carry 
^Lincoln holding our little guide book 
^33 weeks pregnant and celebrating 
^random, bright, uneven box houses 
^And then there was this peacock, just wandering in between the cafe tables at the castle cafe (and there were another couple perched in a large tree above — this shot was not taken with a zoom lens, so I was terrifying close for someone a bit afraid of birds) 
^After the morning at the castle we stopped by our apartment and swapped the baby carrier for the stroller and checked yelp for some place close to eat lunch. We found this hole-in-the-wall less than five minutes away that had the name written on the side of the building in chalk. Lincoln didn’t even make it to the restaurant 🙂 
^If you’re in Lisbon TRY CRUZES CREDO! It was the best food we had our whole time in Europe and I still dream about that cheese plate. Everything was reasonably priced and so delicious. 
^Some kind of cheese (goat and cow mix if I remember?), a spicy dipping sauce, and a sweet chutney. 
^Some kind of watermelon something 
^The restaurant is right across the street from this cathedral on a quiet little side street 
^Lincoln woke up about 20 minutes into our meal so we got the highly recommended chocolate cake to go. As far as cakes go, this one was just okay (it was good, even if it didn’t live up to the hype) but eating it on our little balcony while Lincoln slept and we looked out over the city with a cold glass of milk, that was quite magical.

Day 3 Lisbon Recommendations:

  • Sao Jorge Castle: I think its worth it just for the views, but if you don’t live close, consider taking transit instead of walking all the way up. 
  • Sweet Inn Apartments: This is the link to our funky apartment. The location was great and the decor was over-the-top fun. It was ideal to have a kitchen with two little toddlers and a space other than the hotel room to hang out while the babies were napping during the third day (the second day Lincoln just napped in the carrier). 
  • Cruzes Credo: This hole-in-the-wall was probably our favorite from our whole trip to Europe. Order the cheese plate! 

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