How to host a virtual playdate: 6 Ideas and things to do

How are you doing at home with little ones after a full week? How are the kids doing? 

We have moved up to New Hampshire to be at my parents and are loving the additional space and grandparent time…. but missing the routine of preschool and friends. It certainly has helped me realize that what we love most about where we live is the awesome people. 

I know seeing friends in real life can’t happen right now and some kids might really be struggling with the isolation. Face-timing and skyping friends is always fun, but giving your kids something to do on their call can turn a 2 minute “how are you doing” session into a fun activity they can look forward to. Here are a few ideas on how to host a virtual play date to help your kids connect with friends while you’re staying inside. 

Ideas for hosting a virtual playdate 

    1. Do an online class together: There are so many awesome resources available online right now that our kids can use. Whether it’s a favorite drawing tutorial, a zumba class, or a sing-a-long, have all the kids on your playdate turn on the same online learning resource at their house and complete the activity together. The kids can chat as they do it, having the computer or phone screen showing each child doing the activity. Here are a few of our favorite options:
      1. Cosmic Kids Yoga (you can use the free youtube videos or subscribe to the app) 
      2. art classes at Kids Art Hub on youtube (free) 
    2. Watch the same movie/show: Planning on letting your child have a little screen time? Sync up with a friend and let them both watch the new live-action Lion King at the same time. Encourage them to talk about what they’re seeing and what parts they like. 
    3. Caribu: This video-calling app has been offering free access once schools started shutting down due to Covid-19 concerns. During a video call kids can read books together (from their library of over 1000 titles), color, and play games. 
    4. Play a game
      1. 20 questions
      2. Tell a story line by line, alternating who comes up with the next sentence. 
      3. charades (mom, you might need to prep a few things and text the idea/word to the other mom) 
      4. imaginary traveller: Everyone playing takes turns to continue with consecutive letters of the alphabet, and fill in the following “I am going _____ and I’m taking _____.For example, I am going to Alisons house and I’m taking my apple. I am going to Bermuda and I’m taking my boa constrictor. I am going to the Car wash and I’m taking the cap. 
    5. Play with toys side by side
      1. blocks – have them build towers and show them to each other
      2. magnatiles – create castles or structures to show each other 
    6. Have a sing-a-long: Some friends live-streamed themselves singing along to Frozen 2 and my three year old LOVED putting on the video and singing along with her friends. She was watching after the fact but this could also be a fun part of the playdate. Pick songs that all the kids know (disney favorites are a good bet) and let the kids dance around and sing.


How to host a virtual playdate for kids + six activity ideas for the virtual playdate! #virtualplaydate #virtualplaydateactivities #activityideasforkids #quarantineideas

How to host a virtual playdate for kids + six activity ideas for the virtual playdate! #virtualplaydate #virtualplaydateactivities #activityideasforkids #quarantineideas

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