Here we come!

We’re moving! Back to New England! And Ben is going to be a student again!

And I feel like this post needs one hundred more exclamation points.

We found out about his MBA acceptance back in December but his team at work wasn’t told until this last week so we couldn’t share publicly ’till everything was squared away at work.

It means we’ve spent the last few months getting our house ready for the market, listing it, and selling it (which is a whole wonderful story on it’s own). It means we have three more weeks left in Ohio before we make the full day drive to New Hampshire for the last time. It means no more 14 hour night shifts and 40 hour work weekends.

Part of me wants to detail each of the sacrifices we’ve made over the last four years to get here, each choice where we gave up something we wanted then for something we wanted more. Because there have been times over the last few years where those sacrifices have felt like a lot.

But, I’ll spare you, and instead just say how happy we are about this next chapter. Ben can’t wait to be a student again and I can’t wait to call New England home again. We’ll be tucked into a very tiny apartment in Cambridge, across the river from Boston and just 45 minutes from the house I grew up in. We’ll live 2 minutes from Ben’s classes and have more to do in a 20 minute walk than we do now in a 20 minute drive. We’ll have grandma day every week and I’ll see each of my siblings whenever they come home. We’ll have a rock climbing gym again for the first time in three years! We’ll have the ocean.

We’ll have uncles and aunts and cousins and four generations under one roof when we visit on the weekends. We’ll have old friends (and new ones!). We’ll have autumns in New England.

And there are things we’ll be leaving behind, yes, but I’m choosing to focus on the things that are ahead (and let’s be serious, Grandma + a happy husband make up for anything we will miss).

We’ll be spending the summer between our place in Cambridge and my parent’s home in the forest of New Hampshire. And I’ve been dreaming of this day since I left New Hampshire for college 8 years ago.

So if anyone wants to come visit in the fall, let me know. Or if you have tips on small space living, I’m all ears. Or if you want to come help me pack boxes here in Ohio while I try to stay on top of two kids, come help me keep my sanity. But even if the next little bit is crazy, it is the happiest of crazies we’ve had yet 🙂

P.S. It’s also worth noting that I’m a pretty proud wife over here 😉


  1. I have been obnoxiously checking for the news. So exciting! We are moving to WA for grad school. Exciting new adventures ahead. 🙂

  2. Yay! Congratulations on his acceptance and you moving back to New England!

  3. That’s so wonderful! I’m so glad everything worked out to allow you to be closer to family—that really makes such a difference, especially being a mom with young kids. Best of luck to you all!

  4. So happy for you and sad for us. You will all be missed. We will absolutely take you up on a Fall visit…it’s been on our family bucket list to see New England 🙂

  5. Ahhh! Blogger date?! I have been waiting for bloggers I adore to come this way! Nothing better than fall in NH and apple cider donuts warm and fresh!

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