Guatemala Pt 2

I’m back with a few more pictures from our time in Guatemala, our very favorite stop on our Caribbean cruise this past week (first part of the trip shared earlier today here).

**One note on adjusting back to land life – I keep trying to compensate for the movement of the ship and end up feeling like I’m light headed. It seems less natural adjusting back than it ever did getting used to life at sea in the first place 🙂
^^I couldn’t get over how beautiful and green this place was.
After the caves we made a short stop at a local school (also located on the river). Our new Canadian friends had made bracelets for all the children and we had fun handing them out, chatting (read Ben chatting and me wishing I spoke spanish), and taking pictures of these bright beautiful children.
^^this one little girl loved the camera. many of the other kids stopped smiling or looked away but whenever the camera came out she would smile and laugh and pose. These are some of my very favorite pictures from the whole trip. 
^^beautiful, isn’t she? (wearing some new bracelets)
^^the school

^^Ben and the kids

^^After the school we took another quick boat ride to the town of Livingston. On the way we sailed passed this little blue church. 
^^my California stud
^^the town of Livingston is all built around this main street
^^In Livingston we enjoyed a delicious lunch at Happy Fish (the people who organized the tour also own a restaurant – genius, right?).
^^Ben had a whole fish…I’m a coward an dot chicken and rice. 
^^our live entertainment during lunch
^^some of our friends ordered coconut water and I didn’t realize they drank it straight from a coconut! 
^Afterwards they asked them to cut it open so they could eat the inside too. 
^^I ordered a virgin Pina Colada and I’m pretty sure it was just coconut water and blended fresh pineapple  — oh and please note the curled straw covering 
^^the open air restaurant was so bright and happy 
^Ben at the head of the table had to act as everyones translator when ordering

^^this bird got awfully close

^^Salted fish laying out to dry

^the town of Livingston, our last stop

^^Before heading back to port we had to stop at the gas station. We pulled up the boat and the driver jumped out to pump the gas. I thought this river gas station was the coolest thing. 

Guatemala, we loved you. We loved getting a little taste of what some of life is like here and can’t wait to come back.
More from the Caribbean coming tomorrow!
P.S. Sorry I just disappeared last week. I had great intentions of getting things scheduled and up but between the last minute nature of this trip and the birth of this beautiful girl, things got a little crazy. Thanks for the sweet notes of concern  — everything is great we were just without internet for a week (and so if I owe you an email or a comment response, give me a few days :).

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  1. What an awesome vacation! Love these beautiful paradise pics. Sam and I were going to go on a cruise for our babymoon, but it turns out they don't let you go on cruises if you're so far pregnant. HA. We're too much of a liability. Good thing you got to go now!

  2. It looks like you two enjoyed your visit! I cannot believe he got a whole fish! If I had of seen its eyes staring at me there would be no way I could have ate that thing!