First Fourth of July

My goodness that weekend went by quickly! Ben didn’t have Friday off so while we got a fun holiday, I feel like we lost a Saturday …and Monday morning came too fast. 

The fourth of July was pretty low key over here but we did manage to get Lincoln out to his first parade! I’m not sure he had any idea what was going on, but he loved staring wide-eyed at everything. Findlay throws a fun parade and I used the baby as an excuse to stay for less than half an hour of it (I’m a wimp in the heat). It did remind me of all the fun parades we went to over the years in Utah and Texas when I was little, and later with politicians in New Hampshire when we moved back to the states . I can’t help but wonder what Lincoln’s first memories of the fourth of July will be like (or where we’ll be celebrating when he’s old enough to remember). 
I hope you had a wonderful day – and here are just a few pictures from the parade Saturday morning: 

^my favorite little American

Past 4th of July’s here:
2013 (in Findlay, OH) – I was still dealing with a bit of morning sickness and didn’t share out meager adventures …but just two days later we announced our exciting news in this post! 
2012 (in Dallas, TX) (pictures from TX here

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  1. These pictures are so fun! And I love that with a baby you can pretty much cut any hot summer activity short and no one can say a single thing about it!

  2. It looks like your little family had such a fun day!