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Favorite Places for Cute Toddler Boy Clothes 

Today I’m sharing all the best places to find trendy and cute toddler boy clothes. Dressing a boy is a lot more fun than I thought! Not shopping for a cute toddler boy? Click here for the list of cute places to shop for toddler girls. 

Best Places for Toddler Boy Clothes

Are you looking for the cutest places to order clothes for your little guy? I’ve rounded up the best options for darling small brands and big box stores (with a range from affordable brands to higher end retailers).

8 Years of Shopping for Toddler Boy clothes:

I remember thinking it wasn’t going to be that much fun to dress a boy. I was very wrong. By the time my first had grown out of the toddler stage his little brother was born and we were ready to get back into it so we’ve spent the better part of a decade dressing toddler boys.

It is convenient they grow out of their clothes every 3-6 months so we have to do the fun of shopping for them all over again. 😉

There are so many cute and stylish options for toddler boy clothes these days, especially when they’re in this age of still not being too picky about what they wear. Today I’m sharing some favorite places to shop for toddler boy clothes and our favorite things to buy from each one.

Have another place you love shopping for your little one? Leave a comment and we’ll add it to the list!

Favorite Places for Cute Toddler Boy Clothes


Amazon has so many easy options you can have delivered to your house in 1-3 days. You can get some name brands and also get great deals on Amazon’s in-house brands (Amazon Essentials and Spotted Zebra). Here are a few of our favorites that we’ve ordered and loved (they’ve all held up to months and months of wear and regular washing). 


GAP is great for quality basics and on-trend pieces (think jeans, v-necks, sweaters). They are almost always running a 40% off promo and have great sale sections.

Shop Gap Toddler boy selection online here 

Old Navy:

Old Navy is a step below GAP in price and quality but often has similar darling, on trend pieces. For toddler boys, we love their vnecks and other tees.

shop Old Navy toddler boy selection online here 


If you aren’t a fan of logos and big characters all over children’s clothing, Primary is your perfect fit. They carry classic cuts in primary colors. They’re a great place for uniforms but work just as well for solid basics that don’t advertise a brand or affinity for Disney movies.

shop Primary online here 

Hanna Andersson:

Known for their organic cotton pajama sets (which are worth every penny), this Swedish brand also has a full range of children’s clothing from infant and up. If you’re looking for clothes that are guaranteed to be comfortable, Hanna Andersson is your best bet. Their sales are always changing but they do offer 15% off your first order if you sign up for their email list.

shop Hanna Andersson online here 

Osh Kosh:

If you’re looking for on-trend and cute toddler clothes that don’t break the bank, Osh Kosh is a great place to start. They have basics and more fun, trendy pieces.

Shop OshKosh online here 


Owned by the same parent company as Osh Kosh, Carters carries less trendy pieces at a slightly better price point. Most well known for their baby clothes, Carter’s can grow with your little one in the same soft cotton they spent their first year in.

shop Carters online here 


This fast-fashion giant added a kids section a few years ago and they carry a wide selection of little boy’s clothes. With everything from matching sets to swimwear, you can spend hours scrolling through their options. 

Be sure to check out their FLASH SALE section for random daily deals at killer prices (I’ve ordered toddler tops for under $4). While you’re there, you can click over to the “coming soon” tab and see which items are going to go on flash sale next. 

Petite Reverie

This boutique crafts high-quality childrenswear that is such a vibe. We have a few outfits from them and I’m impressed with the quality and the comfort of the pieces each time. They’re clothes my kids can live in and then pass down to siblings.

We like their knitwear and matching play/lounge sets. They start with size 18-24 months ago go up into big kid sizes. Love a matching sibling moment in them, too!

Shop Petite Reverie Here

Trendy and Cute Toddler Boy Clothes


Have you shopped for pre-owned children’s clothes before? ThredUP is a great place to start your used-clothes shopping because kids grow so quickly some pieces have hardly any wear. ThredUP only offers shopping online and carries recognized brands like Ralph Lauren and Janie and Jack and discounted prices. Don’t like something that arrived in  your box? They offer free return shipping for store credit.

shop thredUP toddler clothes here 

Once Upon a Child:

Another pre-owned kid’s clothing option, this one requires you shop in person. Check to see if you have one near you. They carry everything from Carters to Janie and Jack and you might hit the jackpot with some designer pieces and great prices. The selection is not as curated as ThredUP but the prices are better.

find your closest Once Upon a Child here 


If you’re local to the Boston area you have to check out Boscov’s in Providence Place Mall for the best deals on kid’s clothes you’ll find. They have a great selection of well known brands and are always running great sales. If you’re looking for trendy and classic kids clothes at great prices, start here. 

Ralph Lauren/ Polo:

Classic, preppy, and not fussy. If you’re looking for classic polos, knits, or khakis, you can’t count on Ralph Lauren. Polo by Ralph Lauren, a less expensive brand, also has a lot of these similar pieces at better price points. You can order online or find them in stores like Macy’s or Marshalls.

shop Ralph Lauren kids clothes here 

Target (cat & jack line):

Target has everything and cute toddler boy clothes is no exception. Pay special attention to the Cat & Jack line, introduced by Target back in 2016. They have a mix of trendy and classic pieces and their price point can’t be beat. The clothes range from $4.50 – $39.99 with most pieces under $20 (and things even cheaper than $4.50 when they’re on sale). Both Lincoln’s chambray shorts and henley in these pictures are from Cat and Jack and each was less than $5.

shop the Cat & Jack line at target.com here 


Looking for a European style with a Target price point (well, note quite, but close)? Check out H&M’s large selection of kid’s clothes. They have everything from swim to occasion wear and usually feature a European tailored fit.

Shop H&M Kid’s line online here 


This fashion forward, high quality NYC based brand carries our very favorite polos for little boys. The fabric is so soft (and holds up to lots of washing). These are the only nicer shirts my boys never fight me on wearing. They also carry lots of other things but their polos are my favorite. 

Cute Toddler Boy Dress Clothes

Janie and Jack:

Janie and Jack is the cutest, preppiest brand for clothes for little boys around. Janie and Jack offers higher quality pieces at a higher price point. We love their suits for toddlers. Their clothes hold up very well (Lincoln wore a sweater regularly for two winters and then passed it down to Adelaide and it is still in great shape).

Shop the cutest Janie and Jack pieces online here 

Zara Kids:

Another fun, European store with a mix of trendy, comfortable, and whimsical. For boys they carry a lot of joggers, tapered pants, and fun tops. They also carry an assortment of dress wear, shoes, and outerwear. I love Zara for their cozy henleys, simple sweaters, and skinny fit pants for boys.

shop Zara Toddler clothes here 

Next US:

Based in the UK, this retailer now offers shipping to the US on their assortment of fun, edgy, and very European styles. We first fell in love with their shorter shorts for boys (before your toddler hits a growth spurt, knee length shorts really look like capris) but were really impressed with how the clothes held up over the years, especially given the price point. They have great skinny cut pants and be sure to check out their packs of clothing for the best value (like this 5 pack of polo shirts for $25).

Shop Next boy clothes online here

Crew Cuts:

If you’re looking for the preppy and fun sibling of J.Crew, you’ve found it. Crew Cuts offers bright and classy pieces at the price point  you’d expect from the J.Crew family. They offer free shipping on all online orders.

Shop Crew Cuts bright pieces online here 


If you have the budget for higher end children’s clothing and love bright, playful pieces with a preppy twist, Mini Boden is for you. This British based company has full collections for women, men, and children (and you can often find coordinating pieces!).

Shop Mini Boden online here 

Jojo Maman Bebe:

Another British based company that now offers shipping to the US, Jojo Maman Bebe has excellent quality kids clothes. Check out their basics for classic children’s silhouettes in durable fabric or browse their more whimsical prints and decals. Be sure to comb through their sale sections because I’ve seen boy’s dress shirts marked down to under $10 (from $40).

Shop JoJo Maman Bebe online here

Toddler Boy Shoes:


If you’re looking for great quality and comfort in kid’s footwear, this should be your first stop. Pediped. Developed by a pediatrician, these shoes support the natural development of the foot, especially as young children are learning how to walk. They have three different types of shoes, based on what stage of walking your child is in (soft soled shoes for new walkers, flex soles, and standard soles). Our Pediped shoes hold up super well after almost daily wear until our kids grow out of them.

Shop favorite toddler shoe favorites online here 

Honorable mention:

We have lots of OshKosh shoes as well and they always have SO many darling shoe options. I love these for special occasions or matching with specific outfits but usually have a pair of classic pediped shoes on hand for daily adventuring.

I'm sharing all the best places to find trendy and cute toddler boy clothes. Dressing a boy is a lot more fun than I thought! #toddlerstyle #toddlerboy #boyclothes #toddlerboyfashion

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