Best Business Podcasts for Creative Entepreneurs

best business podcasts for creative entrepreneurs

I started listening to podcasts regularly while I was pregnant with Adelaide as a way to get my news in while working out each morning (and at 10 weeks pregnant, working out often meant just stretching on the yoga mats while the gym daycare played with my 10 month old). Various BBC shows became the soundtrack to my workouts and daily walks and I loved being informed without making time to read the paper each morning (because lets be serious, I was too busy with morning sickness). I bought into the medium of podcasts and loved that I could turn something like waiting in a drive thru (macdonalds hashbrowns were my #1 pregnancy craving) or getting dressed into a chance to learn.

It wasn’t until six months ago when Adelaide was born that I discovered entrepreneur podcasts and the addiction began. Amy Porterfield got me through many a late night feed and I would hold Adelaide a few minutes after she had gone to sleep just to finish the episode of Boss Mom.

Now that things are back to a more regular schedule around here my podcasts come with me to the gym and keep me company while editing photos or scheduling social media. On a week to week basis I won’t catch all the new episodes from each of these podcasts (especially the daily ones) but I listen to one or two of them each day. 

The Goal Digger Podcast

Twice a week

Jenna’s energy is fabulous and I love getting a bit of insight into her journey from small town wedding photographer to million dollar launches of her online classes. Plus, the people she interviews are fabulous and the episodes always leave me excited to do more.

The Creative Empire Podcast

Twice a week

Reina and Christina have been killing it with this podcast for creative entrepreneurs. They do a good job keeping things relevant and regardless of the niche of entrepreneur being interviewed, I always learn something.

P.S. You’ll also just want to hang out with these two and talk shop after you listen to their podcast. I day dream that the three of us are just BFFs on a regular basis.

Social Media Marketing Made Easy Podcast


Amy Porterfield sets up each of her episodes like a mini-training and they are always PACKED with value. She specializes in digital products but a lot of the episodes can be applied to anyone using social media to market their products.

The Boss Mom Podcast

Regular segments once a week with special episodes on Fridays

Dana and MJ are quirky and hilarious and I love their candid conversations about growing a business and family. I particularly like the Nurture Your Business segments Dana does on Friday. I find these episodes a bit more conversational than, say, something from Amy Porterfield, and that was a bit frustrating for me during the first few but I’ve learned a lot and now enjoy the more personal exchanges been Dana and MJ as well.


Once or twice a week

This podcast always has me wanting to start a photography business! But, as a non-photographer (well, as a non-traditional-photographer… my job is mostly photography+styling+writing and the business model is very different), I love figuring out how their business strategies apply to different industries. I enjoy some of the more technical episodes (like a recent one about the 7 Deadly Sins of Post-Production) but for other creative entrepreneurs who aren’t photographers, I think its still a great listen.


Daily episodes (20-30 minutes)

JLD interviews top entrepreneurs seven days a week in short and sweet segments. I love that he presses his guests for actionable tips and my favorite is always the lightning round where he asks each guest to answer a series of rapid fire questions like “What was the best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten?” “If you could recommend one book what would it be and why?” and my favorite, “What is one personal habit that contributes to your success?”

It’s this podcast that really has me excited about waking up earlier and making sleep a priority (although I’m still working on getting to bed early enough for both of those to work).

The School of Greatness

A few times a week (with special 5 minute Friday episodes)

Lewis Howes is a pro athlete turned lifestyle entrepreneur and while a lot of the guests on the shower are former professional athletes who I wouldn’t usually expect to relate to or look to for entrepreneurial guidance, the takeaways are always great and I like the insight into other industries.


Honorable Mentions:

These are ones I’m subscribed to and either just started or haven’t gotten into much but enjoy. …

  • The Suitcase Entrepreneur
  • The Business Bites Podcast
  • The Lively Show
  • The Smart Passive Income Podcast

Looking to add more podcasts to your life? Pin this so you can come back to it easily:

best business podcasts for creative entrepreneurs

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    1. You shared some of your favorites right? I need to go back and see which ones you’ve been listening to (although at this point I’m almost podcasted out… I can’t seem to get through all the episodes I’m subscribed to).

  1. Thank you for this! I’ve been looking for some good business podcasts to listen to! I will definitely be checking some of these out 🙂


    Megan at Lush to Blush

    1. Let me know which ones you end up listening to! If I was going to start with only a few I’d pick Goal Digger, Creative Empire, and Social Media Marketing Made Easy because they apply more directly to blogging 🙂

  2. Rad! Thanks for the mention on the PhotoSpark show! Great list you put together with some new shows I’ll have to add to my queue.

    My personal favorite, perhaps not aimed at entrepreneurs or business, but “all kinds of creative” would be 99% Invisible. Just a fantastic show that covers so many topics of design, architecture, and visual communication.

    All the best! ?