Beauty Basics: 7 Makeup Brushes Every Woman Should Own

I remember the first time my sweet friend Hanna let me borrow her makeup brush to apply powder makeup for prom (she was out of town or you can bet she would have been in my bathroom applying it for me #Ineededallthehelp). I also remember going off to college and getting my first basic set of brushes and feeling quite grown up. Those brushes are long gone and over the last eight years I’ve accumulated a bit more experience with makeup, thank goodness.

I used to think it was all about the product. And good product is important, don’t get me wrong, but the correct applicator for the job goes a long way too. Learning to apply foundation is just as much about the brush you use (NOT your fingers like I did all of high school *cringe*) as it is about the foundation you select.

Vanity Planet sent over their complete kit of makeup brushes for me to try out it was fun to experiment with a few new ones, but mostly it’s just nice to have a new set of my tried and true favorites.

7 Types of Makeup Brushes To Have

Whether you’re putting on a full face each morning or just spending three minutes in front of the mirror before a day wrangling kids, here are the seven makeup brushes (in my opinion) every woman should own:

Kabuki Brush (1st from left):

This big fluffy brush is used mainly to apply mineral powder which, if you’re only going to wear one thing on your face, is my go-to. The large fluffy brush head allows you to apply a minimal amount of product at a time which is perfect for this kind of all-over loose powder application.

Powder/ Blush Brush (2nd):

This brush is used to apply powder foundation and blush. I use it for blush application and occasionally for blending.

Flat Top Stippling Brush (3rd):

This is specifically to apply light powder or creamy products and I use it mainly to apply powder foundation when I need a little bit more coverage. This is a newer brush for me, just the last few years, but it filled a gap I didn’t realize I had 😛

Angled Contour Brush (4th):

This is best for blending and contouring. I use it to apply bronzer to contour areas and then for blending blush and bronzer on my cheekbones.


Concealer Brush (7th):

This is for concealing a concentrated area and isn’t one I use all the time but something I’m always happy to have when I need it. It is so much better for your skin than using your finger (like I’m prone to do) and more effective and getting a full coverage.

Large Domed Shader (11th):

This brush is specifically for eyeshadow that you’re using across your full lid (not just in your crease).

Crease Shader (10th):

For controlled application of shadow on eye creases, this brush makes applying eye makeup quite a bit easier and more precise. You can get away without a large domed shader (by dabbing the lid color on with your finger), but there’s no good alternative to the crease shader.


Liquid Foundation Brush (5th):

If you’re using liquid foundation (which I do when I’m getting dressed up for something but not on a quick “running out the door to something” makeup application), thisIt is  is a necessity.

Precision Concealer (12th):

This is about half the size of a concealer brush and works wonders for smaller, targeted areas.

Rounded Liner Brush (13th):

If you apply cream eyeliner products, this one is a must. I stick almost exclusively to creamy pencils so I don’t use it.

The Vanity Planet kit comes with a few additional brushes (in case you want to apply some lip liner with precision or create the perfect smudge for your smokey eye) all tucked into a sleek faux leather rollout pouch.

So tell me, if you could only have ONE makeup brush, what would you choose?

ever wonder what makeup brushes you need in your makeup bag? these are the best 7 brushes every woman needs.

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