Beach Evenings // Wallis Sands, NH

With Ben working long hours at his internship this summer I’ve escaped up to New Hampshire with the kids almost weekly. One warm afternoon we loaded up my mom’s car after naps and drove off to the coast.

New Hampshire has thirteen miles of coast line and growing up, our favorite spot was Wallis Sands, a state beach about twenty minutes north of Hampton. It’s gotten more crowded since I was younger, or maybe this was just a particularly good beach day. Either way, I had fun digging with my toddlers in the same sand I used to build motes + castles in as a kid.

We stayed so late we skipped ice cream at the Beach Plum on our way home and rushed straight home for baths and bed.

I feel like a broken record, but there is something special about introducing your kids to your childhood


details: our suits are last year’s from Kortni Jeane and Lincoln’s is from Hanna Andersson 

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  1. Hi, great post looks like you guys really enjoyed at the beach. And really a beautiful and cute kid. Also great quality pics.